Motivating Mum Hayley Lloyd has lost over an amazing 26kgs with Lose Baby Weight and talks about having slip ups.

February has been challenging for me. Life seems to have thrown all obstacles my way this month, it has been hard staying on track but I have been doing my best. I could sit here and write that although life has been tough I have stuck to it all 100% but that would be a lie. I am not perfect and I am not going to pretend to be.
I have hardly exercised this month and I have slipped up food wise numerous times. BUT I have tried my best. To an outsider this month probably looks horrible, but to me each little bit of exercise has been a win and each time I have eaten something healthy it has been a win.
I guess I just want to say to anyone having a tough time at the moment that it is okay to not stick to healthy eating and exercise perfectly. It is okay to have slip ups. It is okay to not exercise every day. It is okay to take a break and have some mental time out. The thing is it is so hard to take time out without going backwards. It is such a balancing act, being able to take a step back and focus without falling into old habits. Just because you aren’t doing perfectly it doesn’t mean that you are failing. I feel that sometimes we focus so much on losing weight that it just takes over our minds, which isn’t healthy.
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
Sometimes we just need a mental time out to regather ourselves before getting back into it 100%. We see so many amazing women doing wonderful jobs on their journeys and they seem to have it down pat but we need to remember that everyone has their struggles, everyone has their weak moments and everyone’s journey is unique and different. The important thing is that you don’t let these tough times beat you and that you do get back on track no matter how long it takes.
I have had a small win this month though. I set myself a challenge to not weigh myself at all this month. Last time I weighed was 2nd February and I will be weighing in again 2nd March. It is been refreshing and I think I am going to stick to monthly weigh ins. It has been so nice to not be controlled by the number on the scales. I think we sometimes focus too hard on the number, but it doesn’t define you. It doesn’t tell you whether you’ve been working hard or not, it doesn’t tell you what type of person you are.
I think I chose the perfect time to ditch them too. I am currently sitting at a weight that I have been the majority of my teenage and adult life. I have been finding it hard seeing myself getting smaller even though I really want to. But if I eat healthy and exercise I will get below this weight without being so focused on the scales. By putting the scales away you can focus on life, you can focus on just being healthy instead of losing weight. Losing weight is such a mind game and for me ditching the scales has helped clear my mind.
Looking forward to getting back on track 100% with the March 28 Day Challenge! It is looking like the best challenge yet and cannot wait to try out Pilates for the first time.
Hayley xx
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
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