Motivating Mum Charlotte Labrum has lost an incredible 17kgs with Lose Baby Weight and shares her end of month blog.
My last blog post before I say goodbye to my motivating mum duties for February. I’ve loved being an inspiration for you and hope I can continue to do so.
This week is a big hurdle but one I will willingly jump.  The big challenge is my hen’s night/weekend.  I’m planning on eating healthy and finding fresh, local produce to eat as snacks while still enjoying myself – now I’ve learnt that you can do both.  It’s always tricky to be good at an event like this and to be partying with people that aren’t necessarily ‘in the zone’.  However, I’m going to keep my self-discipline in check and push on through.
I am aiming to complete the last 8 days of the butt and thigh challenge and smash through another 8 days of Michaela’s 100 day challenge.  While I’m on a roll,  I also plan to achieve a daily goal of at least a 2km walk (either alone or with the kids) and make sure I do at least do 3 work out sessions.  If (when!) I can do this, then I’ll end the month on a winning note.
I’m thinking of starting the 7 day detox again before the March challenge starts so I can a kind of ‘re-boot’ and refresh.   I can’t wait to see mine and everyone else’s results. I really love seeing all the proud posts from other peoples achievements – it’s just so fantastic to see all the stories and keep up to date with all the successes.
I’m ending my time with strength and a huge amount of added confidence.  There is no better felling than being able to buy a size 10 (& some size 8’s) clothes.  I’m just so pleased to be sitting at 61.8kg – this means I have smashed through my 62 kgs plateau! Yay! I’m excited for the March challenge and am more motivated than ever to start it again.
Thank you for letting me have this opportunity.  I’ve loved every minute of it (even the ones that hurt!) and am so proud that I have motivated so many of you.  I’ve even had some of you ask if you can print my pics for your motivation boards – now that’s pretty special – and fabulously encouraging!  I’m so happy to know that I’ve been an inspiration to others – that’s a great feeling and something I could not have predicted at the start of my challenge.  That’s all I could have asked for in February!
The end of the month is definitely a time for reflection and for many of you – congratulations are in order. Well done to all of you for your work in Feb and for your dedication to a new healthier you!  However, if February hasn’t worked out as planned, don’t panic and don’t give up.  Keep focused and look at what others have achieved –knowing that you can also achieve these things.  Never give up and never beat yourself up.  Remember to love yourself, always.  Bring on March!
Charlotte x
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