Motivating Mum Charlotte Labrum has lost over an amazing 12kgs with Lose Baby Weight and shares her top tips.

This fortnight has been an interesting journey. It certainly reminded me of why exercise is important and mostly why what I eat plays a massive role in weight loss if I can’t exercise due to injury.
My shin splints are finally healed. I haven’t done any running, to be honest that’s the last thing I’d like to do at the moment after the pain they put me through but after weighing in last week at 63kg I realised sitting at home unable to move meant I needed to desperately watch what went in my mouth. I upped my water intake, I stuck to my calories of 2100 and made sure none of these were empty calories.
I decided on Sunday I would try Rae’s 1-30 workout and can I just say, wow was I sore the next day, but I rocked it out in 32 minutes. So after weigh in on Monday I weighed in at 1kg less, now back to 62.0kg and feeling like I have control again.
My biggest tip from what I have learnt is that just because you think you are eating healthy, when you stop exercising it becomes so much more important to make sure you truly are eating 100% healthy to maintain the weight loss. Certainly something I will take with me for the rest of my journey, because I know this won’t be the last time my shins let me down.
An achievement in my home this week is I have finally convinced my husband to be that we don’t need cordial or soft drink. Instead I have been taking inspiration from the 7 Day Junk Detox ebook and making fruit flavoured water. So far they love my raspberry and kiwi flavour and green tea infused water most. And I agree, it is delicious and so refreshing on these hot days.
Valentines Day brings on my daughter’s 3rd birthday party and I am determined to not let myself down. We are cooking for close family and I will make a cake from the guilt free cook book just to be sure I can enjoy some, because who doesn’t love birthday cake.
I have a busy week what with study tutorials, Dr appointments, kids’ checkups, play dates, birthday party, movies with my girlfriends etc; so this week my main aim is to make sure I am completely organised. I will be pre-making snacks to take for me and the kids, lunches if I know we’ll be out or just in case, I’ll even be making breakfasts the night before, or at least preparing them for the day’s I need to be out early and know I’ll struggle for time. I’ll even be sneaking in my own cinnamon popcorn and fruit water in to the movies!
I’ll be making this week’s meal plans based on a mix of the 28 Day Plan Book, the 7 Day Junk Food Detox and the 28 Day Challenge. The recipes are hits with my family and my girl’s are loving trying all these new foods, tastes and textures. I never thought I would see a 3 year old eating leafy veg and telling everyone how yummy it is.
28 day challenge
I’ll be making sure there are still Healthy Mummy Smoothies in my meal plan. I love the energy they give me from all the goodies inside and the flavour sensations that can be made from any fruits/veg in your fridge is just wonderful. I have been experimenting recently and have so many new favourites just from grabbing the last of things.
As for exercising, I’m now healed and will be heading back to PT this week. I can’t wait. I’ve missed exercising so much; that is certainly something no one has heard me say before, and if my PT see’s this she won’t let me forget it either. But it’s true, I love working out and I’m going to be adding the Healthy Mummy DVD back in as well as doing Rae’s 1-30. That is an awesome workout. Give it a go. You’ll feel so good once you’ve gotten through it. Trust me.
I’m really looking forward to the final part of this month. I am motivated to keep going, I know I can achieve great things and I am determined to prove it to everyone and myself.
Michaela McAllister
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