Motivating Mum Cat Christ has lost over 30kgs using the Lose Baby Weight plans and products and today she shares with us her top 20 things she loves about the NEW 96% Sugar Free Healthy Mummy Smoothie Mix
Sugar Free


  • It’s 96% Sugar Free!
  • It has fewer calories than the original Healthy Mummy Mix (Only 81 calories!)
  • It’s higher in protein! This means keeping you fuller for longer as well as nourishing those muscles you are slowly building
  • Higher fibre – The fibre content per serve has been increased to allow for better bowel habits and a greater feeling of fullness
  • You get more serves per tub (18 serves per Fructose free tub)
  • The cost per serves is LESS than a cup of coffee!
  • It tastes absolutely amazing I honestly cannot even tell a difference in my smoothies
  • It comes in the 3 delicious Healthy Mummy flavours- Vanilla (my fav), Chocolate & Strawberry
  • It is Fructose Free!- Some of these articles do make it clear that it is only large amounts of fructose which is thought to cause health issues, and when consumed on a moderate basis they do not believe it to be an issue – but many omit this fact hence why so many people have become fearful of fructose found in natural foods – i.e fruits and vegetables.
  • The Smoothies are still as versatile as ever and you can use them on their own or on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge
  • You can add it into your porridge for some extra delicious, nutritious flavour
  • They contain OVER 24 Vitamins and Minerals
  • No Caffeine is contained in the Healthy Mummy Smoothies unless you are like me and like to add a tsp of coffee into your morning smoothie for that extra pick me up!
  • No artificial sweeteners are in the Healthy Mummy Smoothies- A lot of artificial sweeteners have been linked to terrible health issues and diseases. It’s always best to eat foods that are as close to their natural form as possible.
  • It is naturally sweetened with Thaumatin-  A sweet protein which is isolated from the katemfe fruit found in the West African rain forests and is now commonly being used as a natural sweetener in food products all over the world.
  • The smoothie mixture is lower in carbohydrates, making it so much more versatile to add in those extra oats or weetbix
  • The mix is absolutely delicious as a protein pancake add-in. Quick Oats, Healthy Mummy Smoothie mix, Egg Whites and a hot pan! Give it a go. Yumm!
  • They are helping me along with thousands of other mums kick that baby weight for good!
  • Smoothies are my saviour in the mornings, especially school morning when I am trying to feed everybody and make lunches. A quick smoothie in the blender is portable and can come in the car with me if I haven’t had time to finish it.
  • They are Made in Australia and you can buy them here

Cat Christ
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