Motivating Mum Carmen Chong Nee has lost an incredible 19.5kgs following the Lose Baby Weight Plans and shares her plan of attack.carmenchongnee1

Hi Lovely Mummys
First week of the 28 Day Challenge done and dusted! I was able to lose 1.2 kg woohooo! Total weight loss to date is 19.5kg, so close to hitting another milestone, 20kg I can taste it!
This week has been a bit of a bumpy one. Id like to share some very personal news in the hopes I can help inspire anyone out there in the same position as me even if its just one person that’s one positive impact Ive had.
On Wednesday I was diagnosed with a uterine prolapse which has put a bit of a bump in the road exercise wise for me. The HIIT workouts on the 28 Day Challenge have been one of my favourite ways to workout, I get such a high from trying to push myself to beat my last round.
Unfortunately the prolapse means no aerobic/hiit type workouts, no running and no lifting heavy weights. I had actually just started a training programme for a 6km run the Monday before I found out, as I’d set myself a fitness goal to do a 6km mud run in June. But that’s all out of the question atleast for the next 6months. This news would have easily gotten the pre Lose Baby Weight me down, I probably would have made a trip to the supermarket and bought all chocolate and ice-cream in sight and downed it before nightfall .
But thankfully a new me has been born and the new me is resilient and will not let anything get in the way of reaching my goals. So I’ve had to re assess my goals a bit and how I am going to achieve them.
Plan of attack for me:

  • Focus on my eating, and stick to my meal plan 100%. Eating/food is afterall 80% accountable for our weightloss.
  • Walk, walk and walk some more. Goal is to walk 6 days a week for minimum of 45mins with my “weighted backpack” (my 16month old, 9kg daughter). I also plan to make atleast 1 of those days a walk up a local mountain, it’s a 2km walk one way 1km of which is very steep stairs. Just to mix things up abit and work my body a little more.
  • Do the Lose Baby Weight Low Impact DVD at least every other day, (an absolutely awesome tool if you have any issues like mine, or lower back pain or still recovering from birth/c-section). I love how it focuses on your core and pelvic floor to really improve posture and pelvic floor strength. And you really get a good workout.
  • Do Challenge Exercises that are suitable for me.

I absolutely believe I will still be able to smash my goals even though I’ll be limited to low impact exercise. And if you’re hesitant to incorporate exercise in because you think you have to be lifting heavy weights or running or killing yourself in an HIIT workout you absolutely don’t! And I hope to be able to show everyone that low impact can be just as affective in losing weight. Look forward to sharing my results with everyone at the end of the month!
Carmen Chong Nee
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