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Annabel’s review

“Finally!! A postnatal & well being program that promotes health and happiness!!
Unfortunately for many women these days the ‘act’ of carrying a baby for 40 weeks with no complications (and by complications I’m including weight gain too), giving birth naturally with no pain relief, being left ‘intact’, then losing any added kilos within just weeks of leaving hospital is considered a ‘right of passage’ and something that all women ‘should’ be capable of.
Pressures on women these days, particularly due to content circulating the media is all too high.
Luckily, The Healthy Mummy products and plan is just that – healthy!! What I love about this program most is that it encourages women to be healthy and happy for their babies and family.
The pressures of losing any weight gained during pregnancy is over ridden by placing importance on a healthy diet and exercise – but most importantly, only when it is safe to do so.
Giving birth is so strenuous on our bodies. Most people don’t realise that during a natural (vaginal) birth, our pelvic muscles stretch up to three times their normal length. Imagine doing that to your biceps or another commonly used muscle group?!
It takes weeks for our bodies to recover from such a ‘work out’ and unlike lots of other ‘diets’ out there, the Healthy Mummy ensures that their lifestyle change isn’t attempted too early.
Being a midwife and Paediatric nurse, I come across lots of women who are self conscious due to the drastic changes their bodies have undertaken. After trying some of the Healthy Mummy recipes on the 28 Day Plan and the Healthy Mummy vanilla shake (mixed in to one of their smoothies).
I can’t recommend this program highly enough. It encourages a positively healthy and active lifestyle routine which fits into everyday family life!
Thanks Rhian and your team for such a fabulous and safe product!”
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