I have been on your 28 Day Plans and Healthy Mummy Smoothies for a few months now and thought I’d write in with my progress.
I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl last July; a sister for my then 2yr old boy. I had a pretty good pregnancy until late in my second trimester when I discovered I had an umbilical hernia and was put on limited duties at work, before eventually having to finish there on sick leave.
The hernia prevented me from doing any exercise which I hated! I also got a bad sinus infection at 38 weeks and was bedridden with ear aches and dizziness.
When I weighed in at my last O.B appointment, I was 94.5kg. I was 75kg when I fell pregnant meaning I had gained almost 20kg. This was similar to what I gained with my first baby.

Initially I dropped the first 9kg with fluid loss and a baby that weighed almost 4kg. I started the Lose Baby Weight plans in September but had to put it all on hold to have surgery on the hernia in October.
I went back on the 28 Day Plan in late January weighing 85kg and haven’t looked back since.
I’ve been going to the gym four times a week and walking twice a week as well.
I have just invested in a heart rate monitor, which is enabling me to work more effectively during workouts. I currently weigh 79kg which means I’ve lost 6kgs in 10 weeks.
My next goal is to get to pre baby weight of 75kg and then my goal weight of 68kg. My photos show me at 85kg and now at 79kg.
I am enjoying the online support this program offers and the flexibility of the plans and recipes. I am addicted to green tea now and have reduced my coffee intake to just a cup (if that) a day. I feel so healthy!
I’m looking forward to reaching my next goal! Stay tuned!
– Michelle Gibbs

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