Motivating Mum Michaela McAllister is nearly at the end of her 100 Day Challenge with Lose Baby Weight and has already lost over an incredible 16kgs. Michaela talks about weight loss mental battles.

Hey Everyone,
So I have had quite the rocky period just lately. After being in a ‘funk’ and not sure what was actually going on it all came to breaking point where I was an absolute blubbering mess. Turning to the amazingly supportive women I have made friends with in the support group I realsied that my ‘funk’ was coming from my Post Natal Depression. Had I have not been able to talk it out with someone I may still very well be wondering right now what on earth was actually going on.
Lately more and more often I have seen posts in the private support group that women have lost all motivation, they are feeling down and out, back to comfort eating and feeling themselves slipping back into old habits. If this sounds like something you are currently going through then I urge you to talk it out with someone or write down honestly and truthfully everything you are feeling at this very moment, then ask yourself WHY?

  • Why are you self sabotaging?
  • Why are you emotionally eating?
  • Why are you not enjoying yourself?
  • Why are you angry?
  • Why are you upset?
  • Why are you getting frustrated?

Weightloss journeys are filled with many mental battles we all face and to truely be able to grow and reach our goals we need to deal with them head on before we can move forward. Your body isn’t going to take you where your mind won’t let it, so while working on your physical appearance don’t forget to work on your mental health as well. Even if it is just to teach yourself self-love.
This is an incredibly stressful time of year for most people. Stress from longer work hours, stress from Christmas preperations, stress of financial worries are amplified along with the every day demands that we each have. It’s no wonder people are feeling increbily overwhelmed. Take a step back, sit down with a hot coffe, tea or whatever you like, relax and breath and know that everything will work out.
It is normal to feel overwhelmed at times the key is to truely deal with what is overwhelming us and then move forward stronger than before.
If you find yourself really not coping please speak up and talk to someone, a friend, a family member, a health nurse, a GP, anyone. Life is worth living! Just a little saying that has helped me on the odd occasion when I needed it and hopefully it helps those who need it too. ‘From a storm comes a rainbow.’
And the 28 day challenge is fantastic for staying on track and motivated by other mums – and the January one starts soon and is a great way to kick start 2015!
Be beautiful, be strong, listen to yourself and be kind.
Michaela xx
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