Motivating Mum Mel Briggs has lost 13.5kgs in 13 weeks with Lose Baby Weight and all up an astonishing 27.9kgs since having her daughter. Mel shares her weight loss update and is ready to tackle the 28 Day Winter Weight Loss Challenge.

Hi Ladies,
Here is my end of June update. Unfortunately it is not an update with how well I have done this month but rather how I have been feeling regarding my weight loss or lack thereof. I am hoping that many of you can relate and if you too are in this frame of mind that July is not only my month to change but yours too!
With my daughter down for her nap and I now have some quiet time to myself, I have sat down with my yummy Banana and Mango Healthy Mummy Smoothie and started working on my goals for the next 6 months. Next year we would love to have another child and will be starting to try to conceive late this year so now is the time to get myself back into gear and get to where I would like to be before then so that I can begin my next pregnancy as fit and healthy as I can be.
To be honest, I am quite annoyed with myself that I started off the year so well, losing 13.5kg in 13 weeks, bringing me to a total of 27.9kg loss since the day I had my daughter last April 2013, but I have then been relatively stagnant this last 3 months.  Firstly I lost motivation after doing so well and then became complacent; then we had so many kids birthday parties (I am still learning to improve my will power to not eat so much naughty food at these); then I badly injured my ankle which prevented me exercising as much or as hard as I would like to; then I went back to work and was adjusting to a new routine and then I got cellulitis which saw me bedridden for a while.
Every time I started getting on track something else would cause me to go off track again. I know that these are all setbacks and many are excuses too and many of these I could have worked through to keep going with my weight loss but I don’t think mentally I was ready to keep losing weight as I became scared.
This has happened to me many many times before; I get scared to lose weight! Why am I scared to become healthy and scared to fit into nice clothes and look great?? Seems so silly but I do this time and time again over the years, even though I really want to feel comfortable with my appearance and fit into clothes and not feel like I am having to hold everything in the whole time.
I want to be a good example to my daughter and next child and not have them grow up worrying about their weight like I have over the years and constantly wanting to binge eat rather than thinking of food as fuel for our bodies. I think for too many years I have hidden behind my weight and it is somehow like a ‘security blanket’ to hide behind when things don’t go right.
Time for this to change and July is going to be this time, well actually today is going to be this time to continue with my change and work towards my goals!
Even though I have been stagnant for this last few months, on a positive, although my weight has gone up and down a few times by a few kilos I have kept managing to get it back down again so I am currently only about 1kg higher than my lowest of 92.6kg at the end of March.
This is much better than where I would otherwise have been. Before, when I didn’t have the support of Lose Baby Weight, I would have given up and right now I would be sitting 10kg higher than I do today. If that was the case I then wouldn’t currently be sitting here whilst writing this blog update comfortably in my size 14 skinny leg jeans that I bought last weekend.
During this last 3 months even with my weight going up and down by a few kilos my measurements have surprisingly come down a little during that time, so I am still gaining muscle and losing some fat which is a postive to take away from my lack of progression on the scales. Due to this I am now fitting into mostly size 14 clothes,yay!
I am looking forward to starting the 28 Day Winter Weight Loss Challenge on Tues 1st July and in these few days prior to that, I will use this to prepare my food plans and go shopping and get ready for the week ahead. I have just put together a list of my goals for the next 6 months and my goals for July.
Today I have been doing well with my eating and will make sure that I continue to do this up until the 28 Day Winter Weight Loss Challenge starts and then will follow the meal plans from the challenge.
I hope everyone has a great July and if you are doing the Winter Challenge good luck and I hope that you enjoy it. I am going to make myself accountable to all of you this month and will keep you posted weekly with how I am going with the challenge and my weight loss, so talk to you all soon!
Mel Briggs
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