Motivating Mum Megan Wells has lost an amazing 19kgs with Lose Baby Weight and talks about planning for Christmas lunch.

Hey fellow Mums. Can you believe it’s so close to Christmas already? Who’s dreading Christmas and who is prepared to eat well and stay active over the break? We are having Christmas lunch at our house this year so I can choose the foods we have and serve to our guests. On the menu will be lobster, prawns, oysters and a variety of salads. Dessert will be the Strawberry Santa’s from the website and I may even bake the Chocolate Layer Cake from the Guilt Free Chocolate Cookbook.
If you’re going to someone’s house maybe offer to take something to contribute and make it a healthier option or have a healthy snack before you go so you don’t over indulge. BUT remember we are all human and if you do happen to unexpectedly splurge on the day don’t beat yourself up. Jump straight back on that wagon and keep going towards your goal.
These last 2 weeks have flown by, being so busy with leading up to Christmas it’s hard to find the time to exercise every day and eat properly but I am sticking with it as there is no way I want to undo all the hard work I have put into getting to where I am. I can proudly say I have dropped another 2kg this fortnight bringing my total weight loss to 19kg. I’m so close to the 20kg mark I can’t stop now.
I am absolutely loving the Spring and Summer Cookbook, with my favourite meal being the Grilled Fish. The Guilt Free Cookbook is also amazing and this week I’ve made the Chocolate Cupcakes With Strawberry Frosting and the Chocolate Coconut Slice. Oh my they are both delicious.
I’m still cooking meals from the past 28 Day Challenges and having my daily Healthy Mummy Smoothie for breakfast. Favourite challenge meals are the Sang Choy Bow, Spicy Rice Paper Rolls (have made these 4 times in the past 2 weeks) and the Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Sushi. I am even dreaming up ideas of new smoothies to make as I love trying new things.
I’ve had a couple of temptations this week with my Dad’s birthday on the 8th and mine on the 10th. It’s always hard to say no to chocolate mud cake but I kept strong and didn’t touch a piece, even my own cake that hubby bought for my birthday.
Hubby wanted to come home and cook me a bbq so I didn’t have to cook that night but the last thing I wanted was the typical bbq of steak, sausages, potato bake etc. SO I made myself some thai flavoured prawn skewers, cut up some eggplant for him to throw on the grill for me and made a huge salad. Was the first time I had tried eggplant and I quite enjoyed it. I can happily say my birthday dinner was divine.
Exercise has been a struggle the past week as well with so many things going on but I’ve managed to do at least 30 minutes each day alternating between the Lose Baby Weight DVD and swimming.  Things are only going to get busier and crazier as we get closer to Christmas and planning ahead will help me through it all. Meal panning, making snacks on the weekend for through the week, prepping some meals ahead of time and making sure I make time every day for my workouts.
Hope you all have a safe, happy and healthy Christmas break and remember stay focused, stay on track and stay healthy.
Megan Wells
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