Megan Wells Mum of 3 has lost an amazing 17kgs with Lose Baby Weight and becomes a Motivating Mum for December.
Megan says:

“I have just completed my first 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and have found the support fantastic. I am yet to try a meal I didn’t enjoy, it doesn’t even feel like I’m dieting.”


Hi, my name is Megan. I’m 36 years old and a mum to 3 boys aged 17, 14 and 3.
Growing up I never had a weight issue, I was always in a size 8-10 throughout high school and around 55-60kg, played numerous sports and was always active. Back in the good ol days where I could eat anything and not put on a kg. All that changed when I fell pregnant with my 1st son when I was 19.
I put on 35kg with his pregnancy. I lost a tiny bit before falling pregnant with my 2nd son 18 months later but never got back to my original weight. I put on a huge amount of weight again with my 2nd pregnancy and got to an all-time high of 118kg.
After the break up with my first 2 son’s father I lost a fair bit of weight and got back down to 80kg. Still not back to where I wanted to be but on the right track at least.
After meeting my husband and trying for our baby together, we struggled with infertility for 5 years. I put everything I had into trying to give him the baby he had always wanted, for us to have a baby of our own and let my weight go again. We had 2 losses including an ectopic pregnancy during our struggle and finally resorted to IVF. Luckily our 2nd round worked and I was finally pregnant with our miracle bub.
I had reached 95kg by the time I fell pregnant with him. I did my best through the first 2 trimesters and only gained a couple of kgs but the last trimester I ballooned out to 110kg, right back to that horrible weight I never wanted to get back to. After his birth I was at 106kg and stayed there for the first year and a half.
28 dayI was so unhappy with how I looked, would never get a photo taken and if I did I didn’t want to look at it. Not only did I hate myself for getting back there, I had 2 teenage boys who I was influencing in a bad way. Takeaways, greasy home cooked meals, snacking on chips, chocolate etc. The fact is I LOVE food, I LOVE really tasty food, I LOVE baking and I noticed they were picking up on my bad habits, not only was I keeping myself unhealthy I was making them unhealthy too.
I tried a few fad diets and other programs which were ok but I could never stick to, eating too little calories or major exercise routines I could not fit into my life, I was doomed for failure with every one I tried.
April 2013 I started planning my wedding and very excitedly went dress shopping with Mum to see what styles I liked. Oh my, that was a wakeup call, I hated everything I tried on. Not because of the dress style but because I looked horrible in them. This moment was my light bulb moment that I needed to find something I could stick to and lose weight.There was no way in the world I was going to walk down the aisle looking like a beached whale.
I found Lose Baby Weight and started really researching the low calorie meals and exercises and started on my final journey to a better me and dropped enough weight to feel great on my wedding day. 14kg lighter walking down the aisle and had to get my dress taken in quite a bit. Not only did I feel great but I actually for once enjoyed getting my pictures taken and loved looking at them after our honeymoon.
I have just completed my first 28 Day Challenge with Lose Baby Weight and have found the support fantastic let alone the meal plans. I am yet to convert my 14yr old as he is so fussy but hubby, my 17yr old and my 3yr old will eat almost all of the meals I make now, so I feel like I am not only winning in the battle of the bulge but also in slowly turning my family’s way of life healthier as well. I love the fact you can customise the plans to suit your needs and change meals. I am yet to try a meal I didn’t enjoy, it doesn’t even feel like I’m dieting.
I’m looking forward to being a Motivating Mummy for December and helping others along their journey. I have had so much support from the Lose Baby Weight community throughout my journey and would love to inspire others to be the best version of themselves they can be.
My journey is not over yet, I still have another 10kg I want to lose but I am confident that with sticking to the Lose Baby Weight plans and Challenges I CAN DO IT and so can you.
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