I’m going to just put it out there, and risk offending all womankind. I am not a fan of baby showers.
Yup, I said it. Not a fan. I am quite a boring person really. I don’t enjoy the games, or sitting there for hours as the expectant mother (exhausted from carrying a human) oohs and ahhhs quite unconvincingly over some fairly predictable gifts. (Expect lots of blue for a boy, a shocking amount of pink for girls, and the ever popular ‘citrus’ pallet for those babies whose gender is revealed on B-DAY.)
I was always adamant that I would NOT have a baby shower. I was not going to sit their like a humble elephant, trying to feel pleased at all the attention beamed onto my growing girth, whilst trying to turn on the glow (quite a feat when you know you are going to throw up if someone shoves another cocktail wiener under your sensitive nose, the Mylanta isn’t working for the heart burn, and last week’s dinner still hasn’t made it out the back passage successfully).
I decided to do something different. I threw a “Meet the Baby Day”, 1 month after Evie was born. Why? Well why not? It kills many birds with many stones. (Though I do not recommend killing birds with stones. That isn’t very nice.)
1. It’s something no one does. That means, your little shin dig will be unique! People will talk about it for ages and you will be seen as a clever person indeed.
2. It helps stave off unwanted visitors after the baby is born. You see, people love fresh babies. They love to be the first to hold the brand new human, they want to take lots of photos and upload them to Face book and show off them with your offspring. I belong to a large Church, and of course have many relatives and lovely friends. But this also means lots of people who want to knock on your door and smother your spawn with lipsticked kisses. A baby day is a great way for people to understand that you are thinking of them, you are happy for them to see your child, and here is a day that they can meet the product of your womb! It isn’t offensive, rather people feel touched that they have been selected for this occasion. I only had two door knockers due to this brain wave, which meant more time to process the fact that I was now a mother.
3. It doesn’t have to drag out. Evie’s went for two hours. I didn’t unwrap the presents, and people were ushered out when the afternoon drew to a close, as mum and bubs needed rest. There were no games, just lots of food, lovely ladies, and a baby who slept peacefully in her pram in between cuddles.
4. It can be themed! Evie had a little woodland theme, and I trawled the internet for hours, months before she was born for owl/squirrel/deer related goodies.
5. Have a party bag! I gave out party bags with a photo of Evie thanking everyone for coming, and a little handmade badge. This cuts out having to remember to write out thank you cards to everyone, and it is well received gesture.
6. Look fab! I know I didn’t look amazing right after birth (well I had just pushed a watermelon out of a pin hole.) I squeezed myself into a flattering dress, took care styling my hair, and had a family friend paint away my dark shadows with her gorgeous make up kit. People will comment on how ‘fresh’, ‘vibrant’ and ‘glowing’ you look. And if you feel like you look good (and in my case, any state where I wasn’t smothered in poop or sudocream), it will burst out of your lovely face for all to see.
The baby day was a smashing success, even though it was about -50 degrees. It was so nice to just talk to everyone, and watch them melt over the little beauty that was Evie. I believe the baby day was a celebration of birth, motherhood, sisterhood and new life.
This article was written by Beck Hendropurnomo
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