celebrate how far you've comeIf you’re reading this then it’s safe to say you either:

  • want to know how to lose baby weight;
  • are in the middle of losing your baby weight;
  • Or, like so many of our readers, you’ve lost your baby weight and just want to maintain.

No matter what stage of your weight loss plans you’re at, you need to take a moment and… celebrate!
You’ve done an amazing job to get here. Even if you haven’t dropped the weight yet, you’ve taken that first important step of WANTING to be healthier. Whether it’s for you or your family (and we hope it’s both) you have reached out into the wide world of the internet and you’ve found us for weight loss help, and we couldn’t be happier to help you towards a healthier life.
You’ve consciously decided that you want to be healthy and that means your mindset is in the right place.
Mindset is the number one reason people lose weight, and it’s also the number one reason why they fail. Positivity makes a massive difference to your weight loss journey. So you should always, as the Dalai Lama says, mind your mind.
Negative self-talk might force you off the couch occasionally, but it isn’t going to help you in the long-term. Celebrate your life. You only get one… so live it!
Take a moment to look at your little bub and wonder at the beauty of life. Then take another moment and look at yourself. Don’t cringe, feel great. You’ve taken a life-time to get here. You’ve had to make choices, and you’ve made the best choices you could. And you’re amazing, but you’re not perfect because you’re only human and that’s ok.
From a diet perspective it’s very important not to beat yourself up for having a little slip up. Negativity is only going to undermine how you feel about yourself, and that can lead to emotional eating which we don’t want.
A diet plan is one way of reducing the amounts of slip-ups. Having a plan and knowing what to buy at the supermarket and knowing what you will cook every day is an amazingly simple way to keep you feeling happy that you’re doing what’s good for YOU. Having healthy snacks already prepared is another little trick to keep yourself feeling good and in control.
Now since we are speaking of control, here is another important little concept we picked up somewhere: I decide.
It goes like this: I decide if I will be happy. I decide if I will move my body and be healthy. I decide if I will smile or frown at the world. I decide if I will go for a walk to smell the fresh morning air. I decide if I’ll eat for nutrition first. And I decide if I’ll make my health a priority.
And yes, even a non-decision is your choice.
You might think this concept is at odds with the earlier one of only being human. It isn’t if we accept that we don’t always decide for our weight loss health. Sometimes we choose for pleasure. Sometimes we make a conscious decision to eat that chocolate muffin… sometimes. It’s only when you blame poor eating habits on circumstances out of your control that you fall into very dangerous territory. That’s when you feel you’ve lost control AND you feel bad about it.
There’s nothing wrong with saying, yes I ate the muffin, but it’s ok because it’s I’ll do an extra lap around the park or I’ll swap a meal for a nutritional smoothie  and make a weight loss smoothie recipe. Or, simply, that it’s ok because I don’t do it very often and tomorrow is another day.
Have a plan. Have a positive attitude towards your choices. As long as your weight is consistently going in the right direction, you’re still doing great so celebrate!