how to lose weight while breastfeedingWe get asked the same question a lot: how do I lose weight while breastfeeding? In a way, the answer is within the question. Breastfeeding is a great method to lose weight because it’s a fantastic, natural calorie burn. And most importantly, it let’s us bond with our little ones.
But although we all hear about those Hollywood mums who give birth and become stick thin again in months and they credit it all to breastfeeding (don’t you just love to hate them sometimes??) the truth is that instant weight loss is the exception rather than the norm.
Breastfeeding is a great start to any post-pregnancy weight loss plan and we should take advantage of nature’s helping hand to lose weight fast before you eventually move onto the weaning stage.
You can read more about breastfeeding and weight loss and what to avoid when you are losing weight here to ensure a healthy weight loss.
Nursing a baby burns roughly 500 calories a day (some say up to 26 calories per ounce of milk). That’s the equivalent of jogging for 45 minutes straight… with no stopping! But before you take a sigh of relief remember that it’s also really easy to find tasty, energy-rich foods that give us those 500 calories back in no time at all. In fact that’s just the average slice of mud cake! The key is NOT to eat the cake and eat healthy snacks instead – see some ideas here.
So the usual ‘input versus output’ still needs to be taken into account when working out how to lose weight while breastfeeding. And of course, there are specific nutrients that nursing mothers need, and things they specifially don’t need in their diet (You can see our Healthy Mummy Range here too which has been created to be safe in breastfeeding and is packed full of nutrients).
What about when we start to wean?
One of the mistakes mums can make is in the weaning stage, they have gotten used to eating a certain amount of food, and they don’t cut back when they slow down the breastfeeding.
So be mindful, think about your weight loss plan before and after you start weaning. Get the early move on your post-pregnancy weight loss and always eat for health and nutrition first and check out our post pregnancy weight loss plans and support here