weight_loss_resultsIt was my little boy’s first birthday last weekend and to celebrate we booked a long weekend away in a farm type accommodation in the Kangaroo Valley.  It had a lovely pool, chickens, horses and ducks so it was so much fun for my bub and it also meant that I upped the anti with my healthy eating plan and exercise in the lead up to the holiday as I was donning my bikini for the first time in 12 months – which is FANTASTIC motivation for anyone wanting to lose weight or tone up post pregnancy – goals are great to have whether they are short term or long term!
For my extra exercise I did a 7 Day Exercise Challenge and made sure that I did these all the way in the lead up to our holiday and I also made sure that I had our nutrition and weight loss smoothies from our Lose Baby Weight plans every day twice a day in the week before we went away too – and I added some extra protein to my smoothies too to help build lean muscle and is excellent at helping you lose stomach fat.Healthy_food
With the party food I made I made sure that all the food was healthy food and not junk food – which can be hard for us to do as we all seem to have it ingrained in us that party food means fairy bread, lollies, chips and cake – which is not good for our children or for our waist lines!
So my bub’s first birthday party was a platter of his favourite foods and included slices of sweet potato, pineapple rings, mango slices, strawberries, celery sticks, peach slices, avocado, chicken drumsticks, tomato,broccollini, frozen yoghurt and for the cake I made a muffin cake topped with strawberries which is much healthier than a traditional cake with cream on – you can see lots more healthy foods for kids parties here too
So next time you have a party to plan try and make lots of healthy foods and try and give the traditional sugary and junk foods a miss and start your kids eating healthy foods as soon as you can

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