Hello Healthy Mummies!
My name is Helen and I am an April motivating Mum. I am a stay at home mum to two boys. I have lost over 7kg using the Lose Baby Weight plans and I will continue to use them while I lose baby weight.
First off, well done to everyone for surviving the crazy hype over the Easter weekend, whether you decided to have a chocolate-free weekend or enjoy a treat here and there. Even if you did over-indulge, I no doubt know, you got your head back in the game.Trying to refocus after a chocolate indulging weekend can be very difficult. Especially the guilt feeling and horrible bloating that follows! Well done for getting back up!
I have had a rocky first week to the April 28 Day Weightloss Challenge with travelling interstate; surrounded with loads of family I haven’t seen in over 4 years! We’re in Melbourne for a 21st Birthday party. There is A LOT of food; Hangi, loads of unhealthy salads, seafood, pudding etc. The usual for a Maori/Cook Island get together.
I woke up the day of the birthday stressing that all the hard work I had put in would head down the drain! There was no doubt in my mind I was going to be reaching for these yummy but unhealthy foods. After much consideration and compromising with my own thoughts, I came to the conclusion that stressing about it isn’t going to help! And this is one night of indulging in yummy food and socialising with my family. It will not ruin my hard work, I am going to enjoy my night and add extra exercise to pay for my over indulgent night.
The birthday party was an absolute hit with a lot of socialising, laughs and yes; yummy unhealthy food! But I enjoyed myself, picked myself up the next day and started the morning with the 5, 4,3,2,1 workout! Great go-to workout!
Lose Baby Weight- belly buster
How do I pick myself back up? How do I get my head back in the right frame of mind? One word – PREP!

  • Meal planning. Knowing if we’ll be out at a time for lunch/snacks packing them the night before.
  • Having lots of snacks to grab on the go, when our lives become hectic and crazy! Having a set day to cook/bake up a storm and fill the freezer.
  • Exercise planning. Knowing when and what I’ll be doing throughout the week helps me stay on track. Of course everyday with children is so unexpected our plans get pushed aside but I always make up for it. For me exercising first thing in the morning while my boys are sleeping. Even wearing your workout gear to bed helps!
  • Always have water bottles on hand ready for the day.

Ladies fighting temptation is damn hard, but not impossible! Especially when we are busy mums on the go, we tend to reach for the easiest option. But remember we are all human, we make mistakes and we learn from them. We all “fall off the wagon” but it’s getting back up that counts. Admitting it and getting on with it.
My goal for end of April is to see the 80’s. If I don’t succeed, its motivation at my finger tips to push harder! We got this ladies, keep going and don’t stop whatever the reason! Because you and your family are worth it!!
Helen 🙂 x
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Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
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