I have always struggled with my weight and having 2 children within 2 years did nothing to help with that with the pregnancy weight creeping on. In the past I have tried to exercise but it always gave me a headache and I just couldn’t find the energy to get started.
lose_baby_weight_reviewIt was after the birth of my 2nd child that I got serious about doing something about my pregnancy weight and my lifestyle, for my families sake.
My 2nd son was born weighing a massive 5.01kg (11lbs, 1oz in the old scale). Being born so big meant he had to have his sugar levels closely monitored in the days following his birth and he may have a pre-disposition to diabetes.
This can hopefully be avoided by implementing a healthy lifestyle. My GP was also certain that I also would have signs of pre-diabetes. Although my tests came back clear, this scare was the kick up the rear end I desperately needed.
I stumbled across Lose Baby Weight on Facebook and after going through the website and looking at the breastfeeding safe diet plans I decided to give the healthy mummy smoothies a go.
I loved that the Lose Baby Weight plans encourages you to add fruit and grains to the smoothies and the fact that I could use them while breastfeeding, were safe in breastfeeding and that they would actually support my limited milk supply (and get me away from the lactation cookies) meant there was no time to lose!!
I have not looked back since!! I have the healthy mummy smoothies everyday for breakfast and most lunches as well, with a healthy dinner and snacks in between.
The smoothies taste fantastic and the options are endless!! You can tweak it however you like depending on your own preferences. I cannot believe it but I am literally bouncing off the walls with energy! I am using my pedometer and am ensuring I do at least 10 000 steps a day.
I have recently joined a walking group which walks approx. 5kms twice a week and am also doing an additional 5kms walk myself. I have heard people talk of the endorphins released through exercise but until now I didn’t think they actually existed! But they do!! I throw my boys into the double pram and off we go adventuring!
The weight loss recipes on the Lose Baby Weight website (both savoury AND sweet!) are great and I am slowly working through them all. I have yet to find one that doesn’t appeal!! It’s great to know that healthy can taste great too!!
The whole family loves them also so I dont feel like the odd one out and we are all benefiting from this change!! I am singing the praises of Lose Baby Weight and have been telling anyone who will listen all about it!! I have lost 5kgs in the 8wks I have been having the smoothies. I still have a way to go but as long as the scales aren’t creeping up and up, and I’m feeling great then I’m a happy mummy!!
So I just want to say thanks to Rhian and the Lose Baby Weight team for creating such a great product, program and for offering the ongoing support required to succesfully continue on my weightloss journey.
Thanks again, Lee Seaton xxx
If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine.

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