Lauren Kolstad has lost an amazing 16kgs in 4 months with Lose Baby Weight and reaches her pre-pregnancy weight. You can see Lauren’s progress here.
Well done Laura!!!
Hi all, I’m Lauren and one of the September Motivating Mummies. I have been following the Lose Baby Weight program since 18 June and have completed two of the awesome 28 Day Challenges so far.
In nearly 4 months I’ve lost 16kg (from 110kg to 94kg) and reduced my measurements by 59cm (16cm from my bust, 17cm from my waist, 14cm from my hips and 12 cm from my thighs). I still have about 15kg to lose to get to my goal weight.
Some of you may have seen my previous blog where I spoke about my goal for the September Spring challenge, which was to get to pre-pregnancy weight – I am super proud to say that I DID IT!!
It has not however, been without an occasional blip in the road. Having lost 15kg in three months I hit a plateau – more a motivational plateau than anything and I found it quite hard to find my mojo again. That’s not to say that I wasn’t still making healthy choices and being physically active, it was just that I relaxed a bit and fell into my same old trap of ‘a little bit here and there won’t hurt’. Well this is true if it was here and there, but not so much when that becomes the norm again.
My August and September were crazy months for social activities – between my son’s 2nd birthday, visitors staying and other social occasions where food was served, we didn’t have more than two free weekends over the two month period – crazy! I’m proud to say that I was still losing weight during this time but my portion sizes had increased.
I was also finding it hard to stay motivated as people had noticed the weight loss, I was getting a lot of compliments and I was fitting into my old clothes again – it kind of lulled me into a false sense that I was at my goal. I wasn’t at goal – I was still classed as obese, 5kg away from the overweight category and 15kg off being in my healthy weight range (what I will be when I get to goal weight).
In the end – following some advice from the awesome mummies in the Healthy Mummy & Lose Baby Weight Private Facebook Group – I gave myself a week off where I relaxed about it all (but didn’t overindulge) and then got straight back into it for the last week of the 28 Day Challenge. I made up some motivational tools to get me over the halfway hump (a weight loss peg board and a pic of me at my goal with some motivational quotes around) and these have helped tremendously!
I have enjoyed every minute of being a Motivating Mum for September and I’d like to thank the wonderful mummies in the Facebook support group as I have never before been part of such a wonderful, supportive and non-judgemental group of people.
October is a non-challenge month but I will be continuing to meal plan and choose recipes from both the Winter and Spring challenges. My friend and I have come up with an idea to help keep us both on track during October – she lives alone and finds it tough to make different meals each day for lunch and gets sick of the same lunch all the time. I work 4 days a week and while I have been doing well with prepping lunch for work the night before, lets face it, I could do with a bit of a break!! For lunches on my work days I am going to make double lunch for two days and she will make double lunch for two days. Sometimes this means that I’ll take double leftovers from dinner, sometimes I’ll make double of the challenge lunch recipes or another recipe off the Lose Baby Weight site and cookbooks. My friend has been going through the recipes on the website and making most of her lunch choices from there also. That way we each get 2 days off making lunch and get new and exciting lunches each week – it’s a win win!
If you have a friend at work or nearby who is doing Lose Baby Weight, or who just wants to have healthy lunches, it might be an option for you to try?!?
I’m still working on my running and I can’t believe I can now call myself a ‘runner’! or at least a jogger 😉 I started in June walking/trying to run 5km and was doing it in 55mins – I recently did a personal best time of 32min 30sec running the whole way! My goal is to do the 5km in under 30min – I can do this!
Hope everybody stays on track over October and beyond – I’m still going to be posting in the Lose Baby Weight & Healthy Mummy Private Facebook Group – so I look forward to seeing everyone’s progress.
Cheers mummies xx
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