The incredible Lauren Kolstad has lost over an amazing 26kgs with Lose Baby Weight and shares how she keeps active and her goals.

Hello again lovely ladies
Wow – it’s the end of January – that has seriously flown by so fast!! I’m a little sad to be ending my time as a Motivating Mum, but I’m really looking forward to seeing all the new faces and being inspired by all the fabulous mummas who are absolutely killing it and becoming healthier and fitter versions of themselves.
It seems that I’ve hit a bit of a plateau and my weight has been bouncing around for the past few weeks, but I’m actually really ok with that. Don’t get me wrong I’m still as committed as ever to reaching my goal weight of 80kg (down from 110kg when I started Lose Baby Weight in June 2014), but these last 5kg have been a little stubborn! Ha! I will get there though – I know I will.
In the meantime I am setting myself little fitness related goals along the way, a bit of a change in approach to recognise how far I’ve come and spark the fire within me to keep working hard.
The day I started Lose Baby Weight I was 110kg and tried running (ok jogging….ok shuffling….) 5km with my friend. To say that I was astonished at how unfit I was and how little I could run that first attempt is an understatement!
I was a state level basketball player and a national level swimmer in my teens and by the time I had started Lose Baby Weight at 30yrs of age and 22mths post having my first child, things had gotten so out of control with my weight, health and fitness, that I couldn’t run for more than a few metres without feeling like I was going to vomit, pass out and stop breathing all at once.
The shame and embarrassment I felt that day was compounded by the times I was unable to play at the park with my son due to my size and just how unhappy I was feeling All. The. Time!laurenk3
So I started following Lose Baby Weight using the free recipes on the website and then did the July 28 Day Challenge and have done every challenge since. For those wondering if the challenges are worth it, let me tell you they are!! In addition to doing the challenges I set myself a goal to run the whole 5km and then I set myself a goal to run 5km in under 30mins. Each time I achieved these goals I felt my health and fitness returning.
This month I achieved a few more fitness related goals – I did a Personal Best time of running 5km in 28.37 and then the next day I did a 10km run (for only the second time ever) and did a PB of 1.02.15. It was also the first time I had run on two consecutive days (I usually only fit in 1 run a week).
In February I’m looking forward to trying some of the recipes I didn’t get to try from the January Challenge and mixing it up with trying new Healthy Mummy Smoothies (which I have for breakfast on work days as they’re super yummy and super convenient).
I’m doing Michaela’s 100 Day Challenge, so that will keep the motivation up and I’m so pumped to get some buns of steel with the February Tone Your Butt & Thighs Challenge.laurenk4
My new goals are – 10km in under an hour, burn at least 500cals every boot camp session and eventually I’d LOVE to get my 5km time to 25mins….but I think that might take a while 😉 and slowly but surely work towards that goal weight! 80kg here I come!!

Current stats are:

  • Weight: 83.9kg – lost 26.1kg
  • Bust: lost 22cm
  • Waist: lost 21cm
  • Hips: lost 23cm
  • Thigh: lost 13.5cm each

Hope everyone has a great February and continues to make those little changes and set little goals to keep you on your way to becoming healthier and fitter mummas <3
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