Lauren Jones is one of our Motivating Mums for October and has lost an amazing 10kgs with Lose Baby Weight and is loving the lifestyle change.
Well done Lauren!!!
Hi my name is Lauren Jones and I’m a 30 year old mum of 2. My little girl is 22 months and my little boy is 6 months.
I have always struggled with my weight, and when I fell pregnant with my 1st baby I was only 63kgs and had always been very strict, so took it as an opportunity to loosen the reigns and eat whatever I wanted. I ended up ballooning out and getting pre eclampsia and resulted in a premmie baby.
My husband and I decided to try again quite soon after my 1st baby as we took a while to conceive and I fell again without having the time to really get my body back.
When I fell pregnant with my son I was 69kgs the day I had him I was the largest I had ever been and so very unfit, at 85kg.
I decided well before my son was due that I would embark on some kind of weight loss journey, and had looked into many, but kept coming back to this plan after seeing so many impressive results.
So once my bub had turned 6 weeks I decided enough was enough and ordered my 1st Healthy Mummy Smoothie and recipe book pack and have NEVER looked back. I have learnt to love certain foods that I didn’t know I liked, I genuinely look forward to my Healthy Mummy Smoothie of a morning, as I am often very busy and they are delicious.
Then to top it off I started seeing results, results that I had never seen before, and I wasn’t even exercising as I was recovering from a C-section. As usual the more I saw results the more driven I became. I found that I wasn’t compromising on anything, there was no “bad” food or you can’t have food, it is a lifestyle change for me, and one that I will never change!
I started my journey at 72.4kgs in the first week in May 2014 and as of last week I had lost 10.1kgs already, with exercising moderately only coming into it in the past 6 weeks.
The results truly speak for themselves, very happy and feeling wonderful. The first pic is me on the day of my Caesar, then 3 weeks later at my 30th.
The next two are my pics the day I started the programme and then there is a comparison pic taken probably 2 weeks ago. I am going away on the weekend for a girly weekend away and I will upload some pics of me in my new dress, now that was definitely some good motivation!
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