Since starting the Lose Baby Weight plans and healthy mummy products I have lost 14kg.
It’s been so much fun sharing pictures of all the healthy food and healthy mummy smoothies I’ve been eating and drinking and I’m so excited that I have been able to encourage some of my friends to try the Healthy Mummy smoothies and cookbooks and exercise DVD,

There are so many quick, easy meals in the Healthy Mummy cookbooks which take minutes to cook and are so good for you. When I was craving chocolate (another thing I do when feeling stressed) I made a healthy mummy smoothie with the chocolate smoothie mix, had some trail mix with dark chocolate drops in it or had a chocolate paddle pop. I have realised that there will be times when I want something sweet but there are better choices out there to satisfy that craving and I am so passionate about not being on a diet, this is a life change.
Here is another honest truth about weight loss – some days are harder than others. There will be times where I’ll be starving from long days of breastfeeding or I’ll be exhausted just from being a Mum. It’s days like that when I have to remind myself that weight loss isn’t a race, if you race it’s a fad and any weight you lose can’t be sustained. Weight loss needs to be gradual to keep it off for good.
Each positive change you make brings you one step closer to reaching your weight loss goal. Changes like I made last week. Instead of having a cuppa when the baby went to sleep I strapped him in the baby carrier and went for a walk and it felt great. I also started Mums and bubs exercise classes this fortnight and found they are so much fun and a fantastic way to meet other Mums while being active with bub.
I have had days lately where I feel ‘fat’ or like I haven’t achieved anything in my weight loss goals or like I’m not getting there fast enough. You know those days where every outfit you put on seems to look like garbage? It’s days like this where I take a photo of myself and compare it to the photo I took at the beginning of this journey. Photos don’t lie and it’s so encouraging to see the difference. I don’t like weighing myself lots, I find I get too obsessive and it becomes about a number rather than a lifestyle change. Photo’s (and measurements if you’re less lazy than me) now they don’t lie. I read a quote on the Healthy Mummy facebook page recently about how it takes you 4 weeks to notice weight loss change, your friends 8 weeks and the world 12 weeks so keep going. Last week I had the confidence boost of having friends and family notice the change in me and it felt so wonderful and made me excited about going forward.
Despite having some good days and bad days the last fortnight (isn’t that just life) I weighed myself this morning and I have managed to bring my weight loss to a total of 14 kilo’s which I am so, so proud of. I took another before and after pic this morning and couldn’t believe it was me and that I had made this change with good food and exercise. Thanks again to the healthy mummy for making me a motivating mum this month, I know that it is helping me so much with my weight loss journey and I feel so motivated myself by being part of it.
Laura Flanagan
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