Laura Flanagan has lost an incredible 34kgs following the Lose Baby Weight Plans and her husband has lost 24kgs. You can see Laura’s amazing progress here!
Fantastic work Laura!!!
My name is Laura and I’m a September Motivating Mum. I have been using The Healthy Mummy Plans and products for 9 months and at last count have lost 34 kilos. I started my Healthy Mummy journey at a heartbreaking 116 kilos when my son was 3 months old and at my last weigh in I was 82 kilos.
Healthy Mummy has changed the way I eat, exercise, see nutrition and see weight loss. I used to see losing weight as a sprint however now I know that it’s a lifestyle change that will stay with my family forever. I am so much more confident, happier and obviously healthier for being on the program. If you are looking for a quick fix or magic weight loss pill you are in the wrong place. The Healthy Mummy is all about long term changes and re-educating the way we live our lives both through good nutrition, exercise and slow and permanent weight loss.
28 day plan
This week my beautiful little boy turns one and it has had me reflecting a lot on the last year, the way not only my boy has changed but how my family has changed. The day we brought our son home I wore well fitted size 20 clothes and hadn’t worn anything that wasn’t in the plus sized section for years, I’m now happily a size 14 – 16. I remember at the time never feeling so happy for having such an adorable son but also feeling so terrible about the way I looked and was worried about how I would ever change.
Then one day I saw an ad pop up on Facebook from the Healthy Mummy. I went to their website and was impressed reading all the success stories of real women who had lost incredible amounts of weight. When I read further I realised it wasn’t a fad ‘meal replacement shake program’. Yes there were Healthy Mummy Smoothies you could make but that was such a small part of The Healthy Mummy, there was the 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan, the Healthy Mummy Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD, the Spring/Summer Cookbook not to mention the hundreds of free recipes on their website and amazing support. I started with buying the 28 Day diet and exercise plan and bit by bit ordered everything in the entire range including the 28 Day Weight loss Challenge subscription. It’s the best investment I ever made.
Never in a million years did I ever think that I would be one of the mums telling their success stories, it blows me away when I see before and after pictures of myself on Healthy Mummy advertising and I can honestly tell you that if I can do this so can you. I was the epitome of unhealthy and on the fast track for a heart attack.
My idea of a healthy meal used to involve pastry (for grains), bacon (for protein), cheese (for dairy) and mushrooms (for vegetables) topped off with a nice apple crumble for my serving of fruit. I had no idea what healthy eating really was or how I could make it taste good and be filling. Now I eat awesome foods that my family love like the Sheppards pie from the Comfort Eating Book, Mango and chicken skewers from the Spring/Summer Book, cheesy chicken meatloaf from the website or chilli con carne from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.  These are just my favourites and there are so many more.
I have found that to lose the amount of weight I have lost that I’ve needed to have a very balanced approach. I have had months where I strictly calorie counted followed by a few weeks of being a bit more relaxed, it’s so important to have that balance.
Exercise Challengeis an important component to losing weight both for the weight loss aspect and for mental health. I don’t think it matters what you do as long as you love it and get moving! Challenge yourself and don’t be afraid to try new things but the most important thing is to have fun. I started with using my exercise bike and using the Healthy Mummy Post Pregnancy DVD and slowly increased the intensity and length of my workouts but instead of seeing exercise as a burden, now look forward to my daily workout.
I want to finish today’s blog by saying a massive thank you and huge pat on the back to the most supportive husband a girl could ask for. We are on a single income and my hubby was still happy to take a chance on The Healthy Mummy and participate with me despite the wasted money we have spent on other programs.
He has opened his mind to lentils, kale, vegetarian meals and Healthy Mummy Smoothies to name a few and has lost 24 kilos following the plans with me, completely transforming the way he looked. I am so proud of the way he has eaten everything put in front of him and embraced our new lifestyle. I know that I would have struggled without his support and feel so lucky that I have him in my corner, with every kilo I’ve lost I’ve had him cheering me on and I’ve been the same for him. Don’t let the name fool you, Healthy Mummy is also Healthy Family!
Take care till next time,
Laura xx
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