Motivating Mum of 4 Krystal Baker has lost over an amazing 17kgs with Lose Baby Weight and shares how she stays on track with her kids.

Staying on track with Kids
Hi I’m Krystal I am a mother to 4 beautiful children (aged 11, 9, 4 and 6months), I have been following Lose Baby Weight and the Healthy Mummy products since June 2014.  In this time I have lost 17.8 kg and I totally understand the challenges associated with trying to remain on track and keep the house and kids on track too.  Structure is important in any household but I believe more so when you are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Organisation is the key to keeping structure within the house.  Meal prepping may become overwhelming at times when you have crazy days with screaming children trying to kill each other or want your attention every waking minute.  Try and include your kids in the meal prep by allowing them to help peel or cut up (if old enough) fruits and vegies or place cut up pieces into a bowl for you.  Make if fun for them and then it will be less stressful for you so maybe count them as they put them in or tell you the colours or names of the different fruits and vegies as they go.
Get them to stir stuff for you and teach them about healthy cooking in the process.  Sometime my 4 year old get his play dough out and does ‘Alive and Cooking’ while I’m prepping food he puts stuff in the microwave and calls it ‘the oven’ (mind you he doesn’t turn it on).  Maybe get the kids to draw picture of the foods they would like you to cook or of their family eating the meal you are cooking this way they are still involved in some way.
By allowing our children to be a part of the healthy food preparation we are teaching them that food doesn’t just come out a window in a drive-thru it goes through a process and its fun and exciting to cook! Lose Baby Weight has released a new Healthy Kids Cookbook which contains recipes for all ages including those big kids lol.  Our favourites from the cookbook are Berry Bonanza smoothie the kids just love it, Corn Fritters, baked beans, baked risotto balls and fruit dipping just to name a few. Plus the cookbook is loaded with some great advice on fussy kids etc.
So comes the next part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, EXERCISE!!! Every day I’m sure we all ponder when am I going to fit it in and how am I going to do it with all the kids around.  Well why not try and include them in the exercise also as mentioned with the food.  Make it fun for them Kmart have exercise mats for $12 give them their own and perhaps they won’t be all over you.
Lead by example show them what it means to be active.  Some days they will drive you up the wall and putting on a DVD or giving them some sort of electrical devise will be the only way to get them out of your hair.  Pop on the Healthy Mummy DVD and show them how to do the exercise or ask them ‘how do they do that?’ and get them to show you so they feel a part of your healthy lifestyle too.
For younger ones such as my 6 month old I either wait till she is sleeping or I put her on the floor and she watches me also or I include her by using her as my weights she thinks this is hilarious and is playtime so I’m killing 2 birds with one stone!  My eldest daughter (11) loves to do exercises with me and my second daughter (9) works the timer for me and lets me know how far I have to go etc.  While my son (4) just jumps around and annoys everyone but that just him lol.
Getting adequate sleep can also be a problem with little ones and sometimes even bigger ones, so the next day all motivation is gone to do any exercise you feel like death walking and just want sleep!  Getting out for a walk and some fresh air helps to get you moving you will feel more awake and fresher and if in the afternoon you need a little nap just do it listen to your body don’t push it if it doesn’t feel right.
I cannot get out for a workout on my own of an evening its way too busy in my house for that and by the time the kids are in bed which is early (7:30 – 8 o’clock) all I want to do is spend some time with my husband.  I do all my exercise in the morning first thing then it’s done then I might add a walk to it later in the day.  Saturday morning are now my PT mornings it’s only 30mins but it’s something for me.
Remember Mummies it’s ok to be a Mum when you need to and it’s also ok to be a bit selfish just fine a balance between the 2.
Cheers Krystal
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