Hi everyone! Well I can’t believe it is already the middle of Feb – the month is flying. I am really enjoying my time as a Motivating Mummy! It has really given me the drive and motivation to push myself to lose the last 5kg or so, and the inspiration I have gained from all of you has been awesome!
I absolutely love the 28 Day Plan Book– it is beautifully presented with heaps of quick simple and tasty recipes, and the Healthy Mummy DVD has provided exactly the guidance I needed to get back into some strength/toning work this month.
My favourite healthy mummy smoothie this fortnight was Mango Madness which I made with skim milk, vanilla smoothie powder, 1tbs oats, and 1 mango. So sweet and refreshing.
My favourite recipe from the 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan Book has been Sang Choy Bow on pg 121- such a quick and tasty way to cook mince!
I am feeling SO much fitter, stronger, and have heaps more energy since starting the Healthy Mummy DVD and have been aiming to do a session at least 4 x p/week to increase my consistency and intensity of exercise as I feel this is what I need to see more results. I am really noticing now that it has become my way of life to eat clean and move- it is not such a chore anymore and I feel so much better within myself as a result.
Things do start to slow down a little when you get to the last few kilo’s, so I am looking for losses of about 500g p/week instead of a kilo. I have lost 1 kg since the beginning of Feb, down from 77kg to 76kg. I am really happy with this! My goal weight of 70kg seems more and more within my reach – and I have lost 14kg in total on the lose baby weight plans
Some days I feel really trim and positive, other days I feel I have a long way to go and can only focus on the ‘soft bits’ I still have! It is important to push through thee unhelpful thoughts and remind myself how far I have come and stay committed to NOT stopping until I reach my goal. The mind is a very powerful tool and it can easily help or hinder this process! I am constantly working to keep it working for me, not against me.
I have accepted that I cannot just waltz out the door for an hour walk or jog whenever I choose. I have to grab opportunities when they arise to exercise for 25-20mins at a time, and at times that I would usually not train (ie 7pm at night) and I honestly believe that I will see the results if I keep doing this consistently. When you are a busy mum, it is so important to focus on what you CAN do, not dwell on what you cannot. Short consistent bursts of exercise sessions are really the way to go when you are juggling kids, work home life, just do what you can consistently and you WILL see results!
For the next 2 weeks I aim to really focus on my exercise and strive for 5 sessions of high intensity cardio and/or toning per week, plus extra walking wherever I can. I am also cutting down on my snacks a little and choosing the ‘lighter’ or ‘smaller’ option when possible to help me lose the last few kg’s.
Thanks to everyone who is a part of the Lose Baby Weight Facebook community- you are a wonderful support!
Kristy Ward
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