So we are over half way through on the 28 Day Winter Challenge and we are blown away with all the amazing emails and success stories already coming in!
Thousands of mums are on the Challenge and the group support is just AMAZING!
One of the most key parts in successful weight loss is staying motivated. The motivation is what keeps you going and keeps you focused and a big part of what the Lose Baby Weight plans offer is a constant source of motivation
Keep going
As well as all the daily tips, recipes, ideas and support we are providing we also have our daily Q&A session with our Motivating Mums and they are on hand to answer questions and do all they can to KEEP YOU MOTIVATED!!
Plus if you send in your before and after shots and we publish your story you will win a $100 Coles/Myer voucher.

Motivation here are some tips to help keep you on track too
  1. Have a goal in mind – whether it be a monthly goal or a long term goal, create a mental picture of how you want your body to look, or even find a picture and stick it on the fridge – that way if you get tempted to have a binge the picture will be staring back at you!
  2. Reward yourself for every 5kgs you lose – not with food, but will a new handbag or facial, something that will make you feel special.
  3. Don’t allow yourself to feel deprived. If there is a certain food you cannot live without, schedule it into you diet mid morning once or twice a week, that way you can burn it off throughout the day, and not feel guilty.
  4. Have a ‘cheat meal’ once a week. This gets some people through those first few weeks. Once your new healthy lifestyle becomes a habit – you will no longer need to call it a cheat meal, you will naturally allow yourself to give into your cravings occasionally.
  5. Exercise with a buddy, that way if your feeling lazy you have someone to help you get moving again.
  6. If you have a pet take them out for walks daily, you will both benefit from the movement and fresh air.
  7. Sleep in your workout clothes if you plan to train in the morning, you will feel more motivated to get up and go for that morning jog.
  8. Plan meals weekly in advance, do all your shopping for the week on a Sunday or Monday including snacks, that way you will be less likely to opt for take away or fast food.
  9. Use the free Lose Baby Weight weight loss tracking tool – it is a great tool to help you track your measurement, weight and exercise each day
  10. Don’t quit if it takes time to see results. It takes 9 months to grow and nourish a baby, and it will likely take the same amount of time to lose that weight. Slow and steady is the key to long term weight loss, creating a real healthy mummy!

And finally – remember that slow and steady wins the race! You can and will get there if you take it one day at a time.

And if you missed the July Challenge, see all the information on the next Challenge here

Fast FactsFast Challenge Facts

1) Breakfast and lunch recipes serve 1 unless stated otherwise. Dinner recipes serve 2 and you can easily double these if you want to feed the whole family.

2) The plan is approximately 1400/1500 calories per day. If you have a higher BMR (use the calculator here) you can eat more calories (or decrease if your BMR is lower).

3) Confused about calories – read our guide here

3) If you are breastfeeding add approximately 500 calories extra per day. You can increase your calorie intake through snacks or by using the calorie increase guide on each recipe. See more breastfeeding information here

4) You can mix and match with recipes on the plan to suit your circumstances, you may make meals in advance or make double serves of your favourite recipes to save on cooking time.  Freezer friendly recipes are marked on the recipes. You can also choose to swap any meal with a Healthy Mummy Smoothie

5) See our tips on saving time and money with your shopping and cooking this week on the plan.

6) The exercises are easy to follow and you can go easy on each work out or push yourself. If you miss a day or more, don’t worry. Aim for at least 3-4 full workouts a week and if you can do every day well done!

7) See the daily meal plans and shopping lists here

8) See the daily exercise plans here

9) Need to print the recipes? Just print the weekly meal planner page and it prints each recipe on its own page

10) Need to have a mobile friendly shopping list? Click on the meal plans and there is a tab for shopping lists – all are mobile friendly. This list is in a different format to the PDF shopping list

Need help? Email us on [email protected] or jump onto our Private Group here