Kat has been following the lose baby weight healthy eating plan for a year now and has lost 27kg and here are some of her tips when trying to shop on a tight budget.
28_day_challengeOften the common misconception is that following a healthy eating plan or trying to lose pregnancy weight can cost you more but often this is not the case.  If you try to be a smart shopper, use up what you would normally waste and use your freezer, having a smaller shopping bill can be very achievable.
Here are some tips to help you lower your weekly shopping bill and to get the most out of your healthy eating.

  • Buying fruit and veg that are in season- not only does this cost you less but you will be getting the most out of your fruit and veg. Try shopping at your local green grocer or farmers’ market as they will generally only have what’s in season available.
  • Buying meat in bulk- buying your meat in bulk and then freezing into meal sized portions can often cost you less. Try shopping around for what meat is on special (don’t forget to check your local butcher as they often have good deals, if you can’t get there try phoning them and asking what the specials are) and then meal plan or substitute your meat that is on special.
  • ResultsBuy cheaper cuts of meat- buying cheaper cuts of meat can save you a lot! Throw it in the slow cooker, in the oven or even marinate it overnight and it will cook up wonderfully. I always trim fat off my cheaper cuts of meat.
  • Bulk it out- I bulk out all of my meals! We feed 6 on most recipes that are for 4. I use brown lentils, beans and always extra veg (think grated carrot, grated mushroom, grated zucchini or finely chopped spinach.) These added extras cook up well and take on the flavor of any dish.
  • Shop around- it will always save you on your shopping bill. Maybe even try online shopping if you can’t get out and about, many of the larger stores offer free delivery. Some fruit and veg places also have online stores too.
  • Making your own treats and snacks and storing them in the fridge or freezer not only saves you money but also time as well. They are also fantastic for working or busy mums who need to grab a snack and head out the door. Find some healthy snack recipes here.
  • Always shop with a list- if it’s not on my list I DO NOT BUY IT. It has taken me a while to get used to this one as I often like to stock up on things if I see them on special and if budget allows I do but we are on a super tight budget so that’s simply not an option at the moment. It takes me a good few days to write up my list to ensure I haven’t forgotten something we need. Did you know the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge has a customisable meal plan with printable shopping lists? Take all of the stress out of meal planning and writing your shopping list by joining today!

Shopping on a budget can be tough AND stressful but if you try using a few of these tips for your next shop, you will probably see a difference.
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Kat Brown x

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Results from mums on the 28 Day Challenge

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Megan Lost 31kgs* with the 28 Day Challenge 
Megan says: “I got to the point last year where I’d had enough of being overweight and I made a decision that day that has completely changed my life. I NEVER would have thought on that day that I had found a program I would still be following a year later and never would have dreamed of the success I would have but I knew I had to do something so I signed up to the challenge and put all of my hopes on the line.
Well the 28 day Challenges not only surprised me with how easy they were to follow but I started losing weight and I never felt hungry or felt like I was going without treats.
Seriously THE BEST decision I ever made and so thankful that I came across the ad for Lose Baby Weight / The Healthy Mummy and signed up to the 28 Day Challenge in October last year.
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