Hi, my name is Kat Brown and I am a mum of 4.
I have been following the Lose Baby Weight plans and 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges to help me lose my baby weight for the past 19 months and I have not only lost 27kg but I have gained knowledge, self-confidence and fitness.
Today I am sharing my top 10 tips on how to this year YOUR YEAR for weightloss success.
I love the Lose Baby Weight Plans – I totally recommend them to ALL MUMS -they are so easy to follow and without them I would not have lost 27kg

Throughout my weight loss I used

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1. It’s a lifestyle change

Lose Baby Weight is not a “Fad Diet” it is a Lifestyle Change.  Accepting that not every single meal will be perfect and healthy, not sacrificing socialising with your friends/family and knowing that we can not all be perfect 100% of the time is what will help you to make this a lifestyle change and will help you to be successful

2. smart goals

Believing in yourself and having some SMART Goals will help to make 2015 successfull for you, not only in weightloss but in your general life as well.  Having something to always work towards and to help keep you focused has  helped not only me but 100’s of other mums to be successful.

3. plan ahead

Having your food pre-made and frozen or stored in the fridge can save you not only time and money but it will help keep you on track! Try pre-packing healthy snacks like almonds or seaweed crackers or try baking some yummy healthy treats from the Guilt Free Cookbook to have on hand when that chocolate craving hits.  Or you could have pre-made dinners frozen from the Freezer Friendly Cookbook ready to grab out and defrost for when nights get too busy to cook

4. cheat meal

Some people see better success to include a cheat meal into their weekly meal plan to help fight off those cravings etc.  If this sounds like you, maybe try to always find the “healthier alternative”- you will be amazed to see that almost all favourites have been made healthier thanks to Lose Baby Weight- lots of those favourites can be found in the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge which has over 600 exclusive family friendly meals to use – I love it!
28 day challenge

5. Get rid of refined sugar

Reducing your refined sugar can help you to see amazing results in not only weightloss but physically as well.  You may think that you have a low sugar diet at the moment but take a closer look at nutritional labels and you will be very surprised that sugar is in almost every processed food! You can download the FREE reduce sugar challenge here

6. make the switch

Making the switch! Swap highly processed white foods for wholemeal, Full-fat for low fat dairy, coffee for herbal tea- the list goes on.  Making the switch can help to reduce your sugar and processed food intake.

7. Surround yourself with “like minded people”

Surrounding yourself with “Like minded People” can make or break you when it comes to weightloss. I know that I used to “bore” my poor hubby with all of my “healthy” talk (but he always listened-bless him!)
Make sure that you join the Private Lose Baby Weight Facebook Support Group where you can ask questions, advice or chat in general about your healthy lifestyle

8. exercise

If you can try to fit in 20-30 mins per day.  You will get more than physical benefits from exercise. Exercise has been proven to lift your mood and help clear your head and when your a busy and tired mum it is a great way to give yourself a boost mid-day.

9. Lose Baby Weight is for the whole family

Lose Baby Weight is not only for the mums but for the whole family. Many mums ask if they cook 2 meals for their families and the answer is often “NO!”
My husband and 4 kids all enjoy the meals from the cookbook and challenges, I just pick and choose as to what they will like the most and LOVE that we are all enjoying healthy food together!

10. Take it slow & be kind to yourself

Healthy and maintainable weightloss is 500g-1kg per week and everyone will have different results. Some mums lose all of their weight in 6 months, for some mums it can take 1-1.5 years and some mums may not see a movement in the scales at all but they will lose an amazing amount of centimetres off their bodies.
Everyone is different so take it slow with your journey, stick to your healthy eating and exercise and you will get the results that you are after and remember to be kind to yourself!!
Most importantly I think that we all need to remember to still enjoy life! Enjoy your family, going out to dinner- whatever it may be. Dont think that because you are becoming healthier that you can not enjoy yourself! If you have an overindulgent meal- doesn’t matter!
It WILL NOT undo all of your hard work or knowledge, just get back to it the next day and continue on your journey
I hope that these tips will help you all along the way and PLEASE join the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge – if it is the only thing you do – join this – it is full meal plans, recipes, exercise plans – all of which are customisable and the value is amazing – I know without it I would be stuck!
Stay Happy and Healthy xoxo
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