I love jumping onto the Lose Baby Weight site and reading all of the inspirational stories on here from mums who have been on the Lose Baby Weight plans and have lost their weight. Now that I am pretty much at my goal weight I thought, “It’s my turn!”
My name is Katrina and I have two beautiful little boys. Logan is 2 years old and Riley is 5 months old. For the past 6 years I have sat in the 70’s ranging from 72kgs before I fell pregnant both times and then getting to my heaviest at 77kgs by the end of both pregnancies.
This time around with Riley I suffered from severe post natal depression and had other personal issues to deal with as well. I was in a very deep dark hole and couldn’t seem to find my way out.
There came a point where I thought, enough is enough. I am a mummy and I need to be a better mummy to my two precious boys so I decided to get help (which I am still getting now).
Now here I am 5 months later and I have dug myself out of that deep dark hole and am feeling healthier, happier and also the lightest that I have been since I can remember. The lightest I can remember being is on my wedding day nearly 7 years ago at 62kgs. Having been through what I would describe as the hardest most horrible time in my life and coming out the other side the way I have , by achieving something like this, makes me feel very proud.
Lose Baby Weight has helped me in more ways than one. With a combination of meals from the 28 day meal plan,the website and the healthy mummy smoothies – I have also joined a gym which I try and get to at least three times a week (a huge task in itself with a toddler and a baby to get ready and drop off to crèche).
It has helped me lose weight, become fitter and has given me the attitude to believe in myself again and know that ‘I CAN DO IT!’ I am so very close to my goal weight of 60kgs.
My current weight is 60.5kgs so only 500g to go and then I will really concentrate on toning and building muscle. I have lost a total of 16.5kgs since having my baby 5 months ago and have lost 31.5cm just in the last 6.5 weeks. I have dropped two dress sizes and feel so much more confident in myself.
I love the food in the Lose Baby Weight 28 day meal plan as it’s so simple to make and tastes great. I also love the healthy mummy smoothies and have all three of the flavours in my cupboard. I change them around each day. I have definitely noticed an increase in my milk supply since being on the smoothies.
Lose Baby Weight have so many fantastic ideas on their website and if I’m ever in need of a new recipe I just jump online and find one there. I have baked a few of the lactation cookies which taste great. Lose Baby Weight has answers to ALL of my questions with the click of a link, which is so fantastic.
I really look forward to my journey ahead now and keeping healthy and happy and looking even better with some toning and muscle definition. I hope that many other women can read this and feel inspired to try the Lose Baby Weight range because it has changed my life for the better. Thank you Lose Baby Weight!
If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine.

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