Kate O’Brien has lost over an amazing 6kgs with Lose Baby Weight and becomes a Motivating Mum for January.

Hi, my name is Kate O’Brien and I am so excited to be a Motivating Mum for January. I am 26 years old and I have two gorgeous daughters, 3.5 years and 7 months old. My little family of four are currently living with my dad until we can save up enough to buy our own house.
Sharing a house with my dad is a weight loss hazard in itself as my dad is a sugar addict and can’t handle having no chocolate/lollies/desserts in the house, so I am always surrounded by temptation. I work two days a week as a receptionist in an office, so spend 2 days a week doing A LOT of sitting down.
I live in a quiet country town with no gym and I don’t own any exercise equipment so I try to get out for a 30-60 minute walk most days (not easy with one kid who doesn’t like sitting in the pram for too long and one baby who only sleeps well in her cot), I also LOVE the Healthy Mummy Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD and try to fit in a couple of sessions a few times a week and of course being a Challenge subscriber I get access to the heart pumping HIIT style workouts each day.
This is my second weight loss journey with Lose Baby Weight and I am amazed at how fast this company has grown in the short 2.5 years since I first started. I absolutely love all the new products, including the 28 Day Challenges; I completed the September and November challenges and love how affordable they are and how easy it is to fit the food and the exercises into every day even as a busy mum.
The customisable menus are great as I live with 3 of the fussiest eaters and I have always managed to find a yummy, easy and healthy meal from the challenge recipe hub to serve up that pleases everyone.  I highly recommend giving a challenge a go, you definitely won’t regret it. I also absolutely love the support from all the wonderful ladies who are part of The Healthy Mummy and Lose Baby Weight Support Group on Facebook, the love and support the ladies on this group show for one another is outstanding and I am so proud to get to share my journey with each and every one of them.
Whilst pregnant with baby number 2 I managed to once again put on 30kgs. I lost 11kg through birth and I started my weight loss journey in September with 19kgs to lose. Previous experience taught me that I would be able to lose the weight I had gained I just had to remember to follow the Lose Baby Weight lifestyle and work out how to fit this in around caring for an extra baby this time.
As a subscriber to the 28 Day Challenge I took full advantage of the delicious recipes available and the workouts. I love spreadsheets and planning  so to help prevent slip ups (closest supermarket/fast food outlet is a 30 minute drive so last minute dinner decisions are not really an option in my life) I menu plan for the week.
I love doing this and believe it definitely makes eating healthy easier as I don’t have to make on the spot decisions when I’m hungry and the kids are driving me nuts. I can just look at the menu on the fridge and eat what I planned out. I also love having healthy treats frozen in portions in the freezer. If I bake and leave it on the bench I either eat it all in one go or wake up and find that someone else in this house has.
If I divide into portions and freeze the goodies last me a couple of weeks. I also try to get as much of dinner prepared/cooked during my babies nap time. The eldest is easy to entertain (thank you Frozen) and this way come dinner time/witching hour I can just make the final touches on dinner and pop it on the table (everyone is happy).  So far I have lost 6.5kgs since September and have a further 12.5kgs to go until I reach my goal weight.
I love schedules (we have a daily timetable on the wall in the kitchen along with chores to do spread out over different days of the week, so that nothing gets forgotten and I don’t end up having to clean the whole house in one day) and have made sure to schedule in time for exercise. My youngest has been quite demanding during her awake time so I was having to schedule exercise into nap time however recently she has enjoyed playing by herself (not in my arms) so I am finding I am able to fit exercising in during her playtime. She loves watching mummy move and break out into a sweat.
I am so excited to start 2015 as a Motivating Mum and to make it my healthiest and fittest year ever and can’t wait to motivate other healthy mummies and help them reach their goals.
Kate O’Brien
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