My name is Kat Brown and I have been using all of the Lose Baby Weight products, Healthy Mummy Smoothies and 28 Day Weightloss Challenges for the past 22 months and I have lost 27kgs.
lose baby weight-27kg loss
I have swapped stages from losing baby weight to maintaining my current weight and re-shaping my body.
This does not mean that my love for Lose Baby Weight has ended- far from it! I still continue to use the 28 Day Weightloss Challenge on a daily basis as all of my meals, snacks and shopping list are all planned out for me on a weekly basis- how easy is that?!?!

My life is crazy busy with 4 kids, working full time and being a small business owner and really the 28 Day Weightloss Challenge saves me on a weekly basis!! No thinking, no planning- all I have to do is order the shopping and do the cooking, totally LOVE IT!
28 day challenge
I have recently started weight training and am LOVING that that means that I get to have my Healthy Mummy Smoothie as a post workout snack- packed full of protein to help aid in muscle repair and my go to smoothie is the Post Workout Smoothie.
I am also really loving getting to be such a big part of the Private Facebook Support Group and getting to interact with 1000’s of other mums on a daily basis, getting to share our journeys together is such an amazing thing, if you haven’t joined yet make sure that you do.
If you are thinking of joining the 28 Day Weightloss Challenge– do not hesitate! It is fantastic value, time saving and the whole family will love the recipes (and exercises!)
For me Lose Baby Weight will be a part of my life always- YES using the plans and challenges has helped me to lose 27kgs BUT the fact that you can continue to use the plans and challenges for maintaining your weight is a fantastic thing!
Talk to you all soon
Stay happy and healthy
Kat xoxo
lose belly fat
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