My name is Julie and I am a mum to Jack (2yrs) & Ella 9months – there is a gap of 17 months! Before falling pregnant with my son I had started on a weight loss journey though then tipped the scales at 111kg after giving birth to him.
I was slow to start losing weight after his birth but was able to lose 20kg – though was still 6kg off pre baby weight.  With my second pregnancy, aElla – born 27/12/14, I was much more careful though still ended up weighing 105kg after her birth.  I knew though that this time around I needed to do something for me so I found the Healthy Mummy smoothie and 28 day plan book to start with and on my own lost some weight – which was at the beginning of January 2015.
Julie Goulopoulos_27kg

Then at the end of January I signed up to the 28 Day Weight Loss challenge which was due to start in March, though decided to start my journey that very next day.  And I have successfully reduced my weight now to 77.4kg!  I would love to see the magical number of 69 at some point though would be happy to these last few kilograms over the course of summer and to celebrate 12 months of my new healthy mummy lifestyle!
Shopping and clothes are my love and recently I was able to purchase size 14 pants and top – gone are the days of shopping in the plus size section. However my mind still looks to purchase the bigger sizes and when I put them on I forget that I am no longer that size.
I have returned to my love of running and after having lost 27kg its much easier, though I do now push this equivalent in the pram as my children weigh this combined!  I hope to get back to half marathon fitness and complete one again early next year.
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Results from mums on the 28 Day Challenge

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Adrienne Has Transformed Her Health & Body On Our 28 Day Challenges*
Adrienne says: “After feeling hopeless and thinking I’d had to be overweight forever, I’m so glad I came across Lose Baby Weight in November 2014.
It has changed my life! I never feel like I’m missing out (in fact those that aren’t doing it are missing out!!) I’m ecstatic about my life and the healthy direction it is taking.
The challenges are varied so you don’t get bored. You follow how it suits you and you get to eat!!! Love LBW and will forever be grateful”
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