boost_milk_supplyI am writing in to tell you how much I love the healthy mummy smoothies and the great healthy eating smoothie recipes everyone sends in.
I use to have protein shakes for breakfast and take fenugreek tablets but with these smoothies they have both of these and more!
So I only need to buy one product. I also love the tips in the health and weight loss pink bible!
I have been on the healthy mummy smoothies for just over two weeks now, just before I started I had bad gastro and from that I was very dehydrated and my supply dropped, but with the smoothies and extra feeds I built it back up to more than before J
I wanted to lose another 2 kgs before our family photo shoot and my birthday this weekend and I am happy to say I have and also boosted my supply after being sick. I will definitely continue to have these delicious smoothies to maintain my weight and milk supply.
Thank you so much for creating a breastfeeding friendly, supply boosting healthy weight management shake/smoothie
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