Hi all, for those of you who don’t remember- I am Jodie and I am a mum of four, 3 in my arms and one in my heart.  My youngest is 18 mths and eldest is 7 years old. I have to say I am loving being a motivating mum because it’s motivating me too!
I am so excited to say I have continued losing weight and cms – 24kg in total!
Start Jan 2013                       Today                       Total lost 
Weight  :  130kg                   106.8kg                    24.2 kg,
Bust          133cm                  125cm                      9cm
Hips          159cm                  140cm                      19cm
waist         134cm                 112cm                      22cm
thighs        76cm                   65cm                        11.5cm

I set myself a goal to exercise more, and I confess I didn’t get to do as much as I had hope, but still it was more than I had been doing . Its been so hot, so instead of walking I have been using “the healthy Mummy exercise dvd  I love it, and so do the kids. I find it is great for those days when you don’t have much time. You can pop it on for 15 min and do some and then again later on in the day. The way its set out is easy to follow and the kids often hop in and do the exercises with me.
Our other favourite is dancing! Put on some kids music (hi 5 is our favourite) and dance. After half an hr I am covered in sweat, the kids are happy and I have done a great workout!
This last week has been really emotional for me and one of the things I have struggled with a lot in the past (and still do to a point) is emotional eating. But with the Healthy Mummy plans, I have learnt some better ways to cope and better things to eat even when I need a fix! The healthy mummy smoothies found in both recipe books are great frozen and perfect as an “ice-cream” my favourite is the banana oat buster shake frozen (found page 118 Spring and summer cookbook)
My other favourite snack is date ( I pip them and pop in a container and place in the freezer). For those days that I just need something sweet- I can grab one out.  Its caramilly , sweet but good for you! I still love my chocolate but have learnt better portion control- Only a few squares instead of half a block, and I am actually surprised to find that I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would.  I also have to say I am so excited about the new chocolate cookbook comig out- I have already pre ordered mine.
One thing that has really affected me is other people’s attitude towards me because I am big. I know many of you will understand. Even now that I am losing weight, I still find people are really judgemental, and believe I am not doing the right thing. I get told I should do this or try that, not asking how are you going?
I confess I am still scared to exercise in public because of the nasty things that have been said to me. It’s another thing I know I need to work on. I have realised however, that I am doing the right thing for me and my family. That I am losing weight in a healthy, lasting way and making the right decisions. Those people who say things don’t understand but I know that I am ok, with who I am inside and out. I don’t judge others and am teaching my kids not to either. That’s all I can hope for.
Until next week
Jodie x
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