Jodie updates us on her 24kg weight loss journey and how she continues to follow a healthy eating diet plan, and uses exercise and guidance from Lose Baby Weight to reach her goals.
Hi everyone!

This month has been full of positive changes for me and things that I never thought I’d do. At the beginning of the month I signed up for the Mother’s Day Classic 4K run. I’ve never been a runner, and it’s only since I found the support of other Lose Baby Weight Motivating Mums that I decided to get out of my comfort zone and do something completely different.
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In the weeks leading up to the fun run I increased the distance I was running on my treadmill and I began to feel fitter and less out of breath. When the big day came, I ran the whole way and I beat my personal goal of 25 minutes.

Two weeks later I did a 5K fun run full of steep inclines and bush tracks. My goal for the next few months is to get outside and run, and to keep the treadmill for when the weather gets bad.

Another change I’ve made is to try different Healthy Mummy Smoothie combinations. This week I’ve been adding avocado and baby spinach to my lunch time smoothies and WOW! The result is a creamy, thick smoothie that I wish I’d tried ages ago.
I’ve also made a conscious decision to try vegetables I’ve never really eaten or been a fan of. This week it was mushrooms so I made a mushroom and ham pizza, and a pumpkin and mushroom risotto. Even though I had to cut them up really small, I’m still pretty happy with myself for trying them and enjoying them.

I started the month on 76kgs and I’m ending it on 73.5kgs. I’m getting ever closer to being in a healthy weight range for my height, which is 70kgs and under. I’m hoping that with perseverance and determination I will reach 70kgs by the end of June.

Bring on next month!
Jodie Koeleman
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