Motivating Mum Janet Cook shares her tips for staying on track and starting out jogging with Lose Baby Weight.

My name is Janet Cook and I am really enjoying being a Motivating Mum for the month of October!!
I have previously lost 20kgs with Lose Baby Weight after the birth of my first son Jensen and on the 1st October this year I started my second journey with Lose Baby Weight after my second son was born two months ago.
So far this month I have been using a combination of the Lose Baby Weight website, 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan, 28 Day Challenges and Spring/Summer cookbook for meals and toning exercises. I have also been walking as often as possible as part of my daily routine such as walking to the local shops or parks.
To make time for this I will often plan my errands around where there are local parks so I can drive to the park, and have a play with my toddler while bubs is in the pram. My toddler will then have lunch in the pram while I drink my Healthy Mummy Smoothie and walk to the shops to complete my errands. Multi-tasking at it’s finest!!
I have also started jogging. Four weeks ago I struggled to jog 1km and had very painful knees. I took my time and added 500m to each jog. Yesterday I jogged 5kms with only one short stop to have a drink! I’m so amazed at what my body is capable of and how quickly my fitness has built up. This has flow-on effects to my diet, as when I am active I crave healthy foods and when I am busy I have less time for snacking!
I have been out and about on lots of errands and catch-ups the last two weeks.

The following tricks have helped me to stay on track:

  • Make a lunchtime Healthy Mummy Smoothie in the morning and pack into a cooler bag to avoid purchasing take away food
  • Take fresh fruit and nuts to snack on
  • Don’t have chocolate or other temptations easily accessible
  • If you are going to someone’s house for lunch ask them in advance if it’s ok to bring a smoothie, so they aren’t disappointed that you don’t eat what they have prepared (I often do this with my mother-in-law and she is very supportive)
  • When having visitors for morning tea have fresh fruit on offer instead of cakes
  • Let everyone know that you are making healthy choices so they are prepared- a friend of mine even bought fresh fruit to morning tea instead of biscuits as a show of support! I really appreciated the gesture.

I’m also really proud of how far I’ve come with my jogging.

These are some of the things that I’ve found helpful with jogging:

  • Just start. Don’t think that you can’t do it before you’ve even tried
  • Start with whatever you can do. It might be 100metres or it might be a kilometre. Wherever you start, try to do a little bit extra each time
  • When you are jogging and feel like you need to stop, try to go a little bit further. Challenge yourself to keep going until the next tree, pole, hill etc.
  • Take advantage of offers to watch your child(ren). When my husband is home, at least once a week he watches the boys while I jog on my own

I’m really excited about the rest of the month, continuing with my healthy eating, daily smoothie and working on my fitness. I hope I can help to motivate my fellow mums as much as they motivate me.
Stats this month:
Weight: -1kg
Bust: -3cm
Tummy: -9cm
Hips: -4cm
Thighs: -0cm
Janet Cook
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