Making a healthy mummy smoothie can be as easy or as hard as you have time for. Stuck for time and running out the door??? Don’t worry just throw 200mls of milk in a shaker or drink bottle with a lid and pop in 2 tablespoons of your choice of smoothie mix and shake, shake and shake.
Don’t have three kids hanging off your legs nagging you for breakfast (why do they need to eat every day really!!!) then get your favourite fruit and some yoghurt pop that into your smoothie and use a blender. Too smoothie like and want it thicker??? Add some ice to your lovely concoction! It really is that simple. Add it together and stir or blend.
lose baby weight
THAT is what I LOVE about The Healthy Mummy’s 28 Day healthy eating plan. I have also discovered through my weight loss journey that I don’t actually like to call this a “diet” as this doesn’t feel like a diet as to me in a diet you don’t eat much and your crave things you shouldn’t have. On this journey I have found that I am full and as long as I follow what I am meant to be doing for the day I can generally get by with not sneaking in any extra snacks. And I have now lost 24kg using the Healthy Mummy weight loss program!
When the house is quiet and the kids have gone to bed and all I want to do is sit on the couch and watch TV or read a book, I usually end up doping the complete opposite.
I usually end up washing up the dishes or picking up clothes off the floor or running around in what feels like circles to try to make the house look at least a little clean! I do however make sure I have set aside 2 if not 3 nights a week where I can do that, I read a book, but I do it on my cross trainer and ever couple of pages stop take a break and then get back on or I sit and watch TV for half an hour and by sit I mean do sit ups or crunches or leg lifts as listed in the back of the 28 day plan. This is my way of sneaking in that little bit of extra me time without the Mummy guilt.
I have an ALDI shop that is three streets away from me but I also have a Woolworths that is 5 minute drive from me and on Tuesdays and Wednesdays my son goes to preschool and my daughter is at school 5 days a week. How is this relevant I here you asking yourself? Well on the Tuesday and the Wednesday to squeeze in a smidge more physical activity I will walk to the shops with my youngest in the pram and will take the long way so instead of it being a ten minute walk to ALDI it will take 15-20 minutes but the best bit is I go at baby’s sleep time that way it is a peaceful walk to the shops.
On the days where I know I’m not going to fit exercise in to my daily routine on the next few days I go the really long way… I go to the Woolworths that is 5 minutes drive which means it is a half hour walk and then I have to walk home again too which makes me very committed to the walk as I have no way of getting home otherwise. If I listen to my radio or some songs on my I Phone the time passes a lot quicker than if I am only walking but sometime I like to listen to the birds and the wind in the trees so wither way is great for me.
Whether it is in the way of a compliment or trying on clothes that used to fit that are now a little bit loose or having some clothes that used to fit years ago that I was saving up for one day and I try them on and they magically do up this time but this week it is a great weight loss result that keeps my drive for success going so now I am signing off at 66.2 kilos and have now lost 24kg
Jacinta King
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