Irene has found the Lose Baby Weight healthy eating meal plans and exercise tools some of the best ways to lose weight. She has lost 21kgs and feels like herself again, something she didn’t think she’d feel again.
I knew I had gained weight. A lot of it. I knew that my body was sacred and that I had two beautiful healthy children but I didn’t feel good about my body. Whenever I’d come home, I’d take off all of my clothes because they felt so tight and constricting. Getting out of the bed was more like rolling out of the bed and my hips always hurt because of my huge belly pulling me down.
The pivotal moment of my unhealthy realisation was when I was at my mother in law’s house. She has a full length mirror, and walking past I caught a glimpse of my body head to toe. It looked as though the mirror was one of those funny illusion mirrors, you know, the type that make you look short and fat, or tall and wavy? This one was the short and fat mirror, but it wasn’t an optical illusion. This was reality staring me in the face and I knew I had to make some big changes.
After giving birth in July 2014, I was (embarrassingly) 100kg. I lost 5kg afterwards and was 95kg in August. Over the rest of the year, I went down to 87.5kg and it either stayed the same or I went back up to 88 and back down again by a kilo, then up by two kilos.
I didn’t know where to start. I was barely eating fruit, vegetables, and honestly hardly drinking water at all. I always put my baby and toddler first and then would eat something (anything!) eventually. Most of what I ate was at night when they were both asleep and I realised that I was hungry. Then I would scoff down as much chocolate as I could find, and don’t forget the coke to wash it down!
In January I developed a sudden allergy to beef. I had always eaten beef. I practically ate it daily! One day I got pain in my tummy after eating it. It lasted a few days then went away. The second time I ate it, I was bed ridden for 3 days! My partner had to take a few days off work to look after me and my children. I had to do something about my health before it was too late.
I had heard about Lose Baby Weight and didn’t know if it would deliver everything as promised. I had tried many things in the past; wraps, diets, ebooks etc but they all seemed to me empty promises with no real suitability for mothers or even breastfeeding mothers like me. I decided to bite the bullet and sign up for the Lose Baby Weight 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, and I also ordered a few tubs of The Healthy Mummy Smoothies. The best decision I have ever made!
I thought it would be difficult to change my diet, but with a plan written down and a custom shopping list created on the Lose Baby Weight website, it became easy to follow while I was busy looking after my children.
There are SO many Smoothie recipes available and it’s easy to put things in the blender while preparing breakfast for my children. I drink a lot more water now, and vegetables/fruits make up a lot of my diet. Lose Baby Weight helped me learn how to cook simple, easy meals with great nutritional value.
In total I have lost 21kg! I never saw weight loss as attainable. I never thought I’d be ‘me’ again! But now I can see that I’m becoming me again, and with only 5kg to go I will be at my pre-pregnancy weight with my first child.
Thank you Lose Baby Weight for saving my life.
Irene Tanya
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