Every month, a mum who is on the Lose Baby Weight plans will be writing about their journey, exercise, ups and downs and will be here to help motivate YOU and THEMSELVES along the way.
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This month we meet Motivating Mum Emma who has lost 5kg on our Lose Baby Weight plans.


Hi! My name is Emma and I have a wonderful little boy called Lawrence. My pregnancy was very difficult; I come from a competitive running background and with a severe injury to my pelvis and hip I was restricted to doing only minimal walking and stretching for the entirety of my pregnancy. Not being able to exercise throughout my pregnancy affected not just my physical health (I ballooned to 93kg) but also my mental health.
I first heard about the Lose Baby Weight plans from a well-intentioned friend who suggested it as a possibility since I still couldn’t do any physical activity at first after Lawrence’s birth. When I first started with the healthy mummy smoothies and 28-day plan about a month ago I updated my weight and it was 82 kg – 16 kg from my long-term goal weight of 66kg. I have religiously been using the 28-day plan and healthy mummy smoothies and as of my last weigh-in, I am at 77kg.
28 dayI’m proud of losing those 5kg so far and each time I step on the scales lately, I’m not scared anymore.  My goal, being a long-term one is based on wanting to get back into my running but also to set the groundwork for becoming a positive role model for my child into the future.
As I watch the scales go down and the cm’s melt away, I feel happier, more confident but also positive that I’m doing it in healthy and safe fashion. Each week I feel determined to eat healthier and feel better about myself. What I love about the Lose Baby Weight program is that the smoothies are great tasting and full of all the nutrients I need.
I use the 28-day plan as a guide for my meals, sometimes taking creative license but always following the guidelines and portion sizes. The recipes are fantastic and my fiancé loves the meals so much that he has also come on board. I find that the smoothies taste so much better than those “rapid” weight loss shakes you can get elsewhere – and, along with the support from the online forums and mantra of safe, steady and realistic weight loss targets; makes it a program that I feel not only confident in, but happy to use.
All through pregnancy, due to my injury, I was very limited in my exercise options, but now I have been cleared to start more vigorous exercise and I’m looking forwards to incorporating strength training and longer runs back into my routine. Having been a former competitive long-distance runner, this was one thing I have missed over the last few months! Now that I’m ready to step it up to the next level, so I volunteered for the Motivating Mum program so that I could share my progress and motivate myself, whilst hopefully motivating other mums in a similar position. I hope that through sharing my journey I can inspire others to get on the Lose Baby Weight program and push for healthier lifestyles.
I will be in touch with you all very soon to let you know my progress and any tips or hints I have found to make the journey easier.

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