Book review – Hypnobirthing (the Mongon Method) by Marie F Mongon M.ED., M.Hy
As a nutritionist I not only believe a healthy eating diet is important during pregnancy, but also a living a healthy lifestyle in every way. I believe the impact and way a child is birthed has a lot to do with their health, wellbeing and development – which is why I am a fan of The Healthy Mummy range and Lose Baby Weight site.
This is the reason why I searched for for a book that could help me bring my next child into the world as gently and peacefully as humanly possible.
I am a big advocate of natural birth. Our society is so fear based with unnecessary medical interventions and friends and relatives passing down their horror stories of their own labour experiences, most women are just destined to fear the worst during labour.
The birth of my daughter almost 2 years ago went quite smoothly, around 5 hours labour in total. The only pain relief I used was gas during the last 1 and a half hours of pushing. We had a bit of a fright towards the end when her heart rate dropped and I was instructed that I had to get her out ASAP.
I kept myself fit and healthy throughout my pregnancy and attended pre-natal yoga classes. I didn’t really want to think about the labour part as I thought I’ll just let my body do its thing.
I wish now I’d looked into hypnobirthing as an option. HypnoBirthing -The Mongan Method, is a unique and comprehensive antenatal education program that uses deep relaxation, self hypnosis and specific breathing techniques for a safer, easier and gentle birth.
Hypnobirthing mothers experience fewer complications, and are able to recover much more quickly due to less tearing and issues with haemorroids. Babies heartbeat is also less likely to drop as they enter the birth canal due to increased oxygen being supplied and less constriction from the tightening muscles, (caused by being told when to push, and not allowing your body to naturally breath the baby down gently at their own pace).
Reading this book really is a big eye opener and explains how to give birth the way nature intended. It is a proven method with many thousands of women looking for a better way to birth naturally.
I can honestly say after reading this book, I am looking forward to my 2nd labour and hope I can happily report that it all went smoothly in a couple of weeks time. Hopefully some of the mothers to be are reading this and can also attempt to use this method during their next labour. Would love to hear your feedback also.
Written by Elisha Danine, Nutritionist
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