If you’re trying to get inspired to start your new healthy eating plan you’re not alone.
This week we have been hearing from lots of mums who want to lose pregnancy weight and have either purchased some of our products, joined up to our next 28 Day Challenge, or have just been checking out the Lose Baby Weight website and are not sure how to motivate themselves to actually get started.
healthy_eatingToday we have some tips that will help you to ditch the excuses and start your new healthy eating way of life tomorrow.

Get Inspired

Check out some of the inspirational stories of real mums just like you who have lost weight with Lose Baby Weight.
Take your measurements (more on that here) and note down your starting weight.
Snap a few pictures of yourself front on and side on. Put them somewhere safe to refer back to later.
Some mums find that posting their ‘before’ photos on the Facebook support page is a good way to keep themselves accountable. Are you game?

Clear Out The Junk

It is going to be really tough to kick off your new healthy eating plan if your cupboards are full of chocolate biscuits, soft drink and donuts (read why you should ditch donuts here).
Be kind to yourself, and get rid of anything that could possibly derail your weight loss plans.
If other people in your household keep anything that could tempt you in the house, ensure it is in a cupboard out of sight so that you don’t have to look at it all the time.

Bring In The Good Stuff        

Now is where you can start stocking the kitchen with healthy food (check out the 28 Day Plan for specific meals, snacks and even shopping lists).
You’ll find that a lot of the food you buy is fresh so you might need to have a bit of a fridge clear out to make room for all the goodness.
Make sure you treat yourself to anything healthy that you really love – that could be avocados, cashews, a certain brand of natural yoghurt – anything healthy that you will look forward to eating. This way you won’t feel like you are missing out.

Find 5 Meals To Be Excited About

A great way to get your motivation cranking is to do a meal plan for the week. Sure you can follow the 28 Day Plan or the 28 Day Challenge to the letter, but many people choose to tailor it to their own tastes.
So why not flick through the books and the website and find 5 really tasty sounding meals that you want to put on the menu.

Make A Bunch Of Healthy Snacks

We always talk about the importance of being organised and planning ahead in order to make healthy eating easier.
If you just cruise along without any healthy snack options in the house it’s going to be tough to keep you away from the giant chocolate muffins when you grab your mid-morning coffee.
Again, peruse the cookbooks, website and Facebook page and find some healthy options for your snacks. Make a batch and store them in the fridge where you can just grab and go.

Commit To Move

Start off slowly with this one, and commit to just 10 minutes of exercise per day for your first few days.
Often you will find that once you start moving you will feel like going for longer.
From there you can ramp it up with longer walks, or try some swimming, jogging, an exercise class or maybe even some skipping in the backyard.
Even a 10 to 15 minute block of time is enough to just do some squats and lunges – or better still pop the Healthy Mummy Exercise DVD on. It’s mum-friendly, so it’s broken down into small segments so you can just fit in a quick session whenever you can.
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