exercise_for_mumsToo tired? Busy with the kids? Stressed about bills? These are all good excuses not to exercise, right?
Actually these are the perfect reasons for you to be exercising.
Exercise boosts our serotonin (feel-good hormone) levels. Not to mention, it goes hand in hand with the Lose Baby Weight plans.
But what if you haven’t got an hour to dedicate to exercise? That’s OK, you can spread it out over the day into manageable chunks of time.
Try to incorporate some of these into your daily routine, and feel the benefits that come with regular exercise.

  • Instead of meeting for lunch, meet for a walk instead. You can still have a great catch up, but you’ll be burning calories instead of consuming them.
  • If you are meeting a friend at the park, arrive early and do 3 laps of the park first.
  • If you need to walk to the post office or the supermarket, take the long way instead of the direct route. If you do this regularly, the extra steps will add up. Plus you might find some new and interesting shops on the way!
  • Leave the car at home if you can. Sure it’s a lot easier to take the car when you have chores to do, but the exercise will do you good. Load the kids into the pram and huff and puff your way to the library or beach. Tell them you are taking them on an adventure, with the promise of healthy kid friendly snacks on arrival.
  • Introduce a new habit. For instance, every time you prepare a meal for your child you have to do 15 lunges on each side. Whenever you are in the car at a red light, do some pelvic floor exercises.
  • Sometimes you just have to get out of the house for your own sanity. If you have no errands to run, decide on a new route that you haven’t taken before, and just walk for the sake of walking.
  • If you have someone else who can look after the kids, why not book a specific time each week for your exercise? It could be as simple as saying ‘Every Thursday at 7.30pm I am going to go to Pilates class.’ Once you’ve made the arrangement, make it a non-negotiable part of your weekly calendar.

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