Need ideas on how to keep busy on your feet and avoid sinking into the couch? Then read below.
I know myself as a Mum of 3, 5 years and under, I often find myself sitting a bit way too much during the day. After reading Linda Hallas’ story, it inspired me to get off my butt and do more! Read here on why it is so important to avoid sitting.

Here are some ideas on how to keep on your feet and reduce sitting down during the day

  • Stand while feeding bubs their porridge, I usually do squats for each mouthful.
  • Take a walk outside while you drink your Healthy Mummy Smoothie or eating your breakfast (if you can eat it with one hand).
  • While watching your favourite show stand up and do marching steps while the add break is on.
  • Whenever your kids say “Mum” get up and wander around.
  • Tackle that list of household chores, cleaning fans, walls, bathroom, washing etc, I know I have a never ending pile of washing to fold. Check out how much you burn with incidental exercise here.
  • If the shops are close by or it’s school drop off/pick up time then take a walk. Park the car further away if you can.
  • When you’re on the phone walk around.
  • Get a pedometer and aim for 10,000 steps a day or even use your mobile as most smartphones these days come with a pedometer or you can download the app for free.
  • Try and aim for a 45min walk a day even if it is broken up throughout the day.
  • Or try the Ocstandber Challenge

Hope you got some useful tips to keep busy on your feet!
Tasheena Snow xx
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