“So what is Lose Baby Weight and does it mean having weight loss shakes every day?” This is a question that I sometimes get from mums looking at our healthy eating plans and have perhaps been previously tainted by other weight loss shakes that are commonly available.
weight_loss_plansAt Lose Baby Weight we have worked really hard to devise plans that mean YES you eat real food and NO you don’t ban carbs and what we focus on is excellent nutrition which in turn ensures you lose weight.
Plus we have smoothies not shakes on our plans – all of which are made with non genetically modified products and we also have a 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan that is a daily food and exercise plan and we created it to help mums who cannot afford or don’t want to follow a smoothie based plan..
A fact of life is that we are time poor and when you add in the fact that we are all multi-tasking and juggling motherhood, work and life it makes it really hard to make a nutritious meal at every meal time.
So we created our smoothies plus diet and exercise advice that would fit into a busy mums life and help mums get their energy back, learn about healthy foods, enjoy eating and lose weight – and to date mums have lost over 75,000kg by following our plans.

The smoothies we recommend are not watery meal replacement shakes – they are thick and packed with nutrition. We suggest adding oats, flaxseeds and fruits to them so they are super tasty and satisfying and best of all they only take 2 minutes to make – and for the nutrition and weight loss hit we add the nutritional mixture we sell which gives you all the nutrients of a balanced meal and aid weight loss.
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We tested over 15 products before choosing the product we sell as taste, ingredients (no weight loss accelerants/chemicals), safety in breastfeeding and results were critical to us – plus they are non genetically modified.
You can have one or two a day and we don’t say that you have to ban food groups or do them every day.  Infact we suggest having the weekends off so you can put your healthy food practices into action and be out and about with your family and not stressing about ‘missing your smoothie”.
You also have healthy snacks during the day, a big healthy meal and learn heaps about food and being healthy.
We also give you all the support you need – via our Pink Weight Loss Bible, via email, phone or on our Facebook page and our website is PACKED with free tools to ensure you stay motivated and succeed. Plus there is the option of the 28 Day Plan.
Plus all plans have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee so you have nothing to lose if you choose to give our diet plans a go.  To see what a day on the plans look like click here
Check us out on the Kerri Anne Kennerly morning show too with two fabulous mums who lost 35kg on our plans!
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