Avocado is a super food with high caloriesThe journey to health and weight loss can be way easier if you know the right steps to follow and the proper food to eat.
There are so many healthy and yummy foods options available for health conscious mums today and you can easily get them from any major supermarket or local grocer.
Eating healthy is a great way to lose baby weight and when you include a great workout regimen into your weight loss plan; you will achieve your desired goals in no time.
However, eating healthy is only part of a successful diet plan and if you want to get the best results make sure you exercise portion control with these healthy foods.
There are a couple of healthy food out there that can be high in calorie as well as being VERY good for you – so make sure you enjoy them and include them in your diet but watch the portion size as when losing weight the calories can quickly add up if you overeat them.
Brown Rice
It’s packed with fibre and protein which are great in helping your body recover and regain energy. Although brown rice is definitely a healthier alternative to regular rice, it is still pretty high in calories with one cup containing about 216 calories and 45 grams of carbs.
We all know that avos are extremely healthy and they are a good source of fibres and vitamins that contribute to our physical well-being, and its creamy texture makes it an absolutely perfect substitute for fatty salad dressings. A globe of avo carries about 330 calories but don’t let that deter your from eating it in small amounts every day.
Nuts are a great alternative to other unhealthy snacks like chips and chocolates and they are also filled with ‘healthy’ fats that can help boost our health. But it’s best to balance the consumption of nuts and choose the ones with the lowest calories. A 100g serving of popular nuts like almonds and macadamia contains 575 and 716 calories each. Try going for lower calorie nuts such as chestnuts and almond nuts instead.
High in calcium and protein, yoghurt is definitely good for your health and can help you stay in shape whilst keeping you satiated. However, instead of flavoured yoghurt, you should opt for non-flavoured ones. Greek yoghurt is probably your best bet if your main aim is to trim fat of your tummy, and try to eat it in small, manageable portions.
Highly revered as one of the best superfoods available, quinoa is a versatile and tasty source of protein and calcium, and it provides all nine essential amino acids. It’ll absolutely do wonders for your diet plan but only if it’s consumed in moderate amounts. One cup of quinoa has 222 calories, which is almost equivalent to brown rice (216 cals). Just be sure to portion it out properly and you will see that quinoa can certainly help you in your efforts to lose baby weight.
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