Hey ladies, Hayley here, I am one of your motivating mums and I have lost 30kgs* with Lose Baby Weight.

Lose baby Weight 30kg Loss

The smoothies have been a god send lately. I have been having them for breakfast as well as an afternoon snack and they have really been saving me from the dreaded “3pm binge” and constant snacking throughout the afternoon.
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Today I thought I would talk about the importance of goal setting, positive mindset and motivation. All go hand in hand really, if one is lacking then the rest will be affected as well. I find I feel my best when I have all three on point.
Goal setting is so important. It helps you to figure out what you actually want to achieve whether that be weight loss, toning, fitting into a particular outfit, running a certain distance etc.
My current goal is to fit nicely into a particular dress for my friends hens and to just feel amazing on the night. I also want to be in the 70s by then as well. Goal setting helps you to re-evaluate your journey and it gives you something tangible to work towards.
The goal to “lose weight” isn’t enough, it is flimsy and doesn’t give you a goal timeframe nor a goal number to work on.
So I challenge you to all sit down and write out a goal, really think about what you want to achieve and put it into words and make it real. Don’t forget that your goals need to be SMART goals.
Positive mindset. I have found that the biggest hurdle for me personally to overcome has all been mental.
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Staying focused on being healthy and being the best version of myself is incredibly hard when my mind is being negative and throwing excuses at me and telling me that it is pointless and I am not worth it.
It is hard to always be positive but lately at the end of the day I have been writing down one positive thing about the day and one positive thing about myself.
This is helping me to be looking for the positives in things instead of the negatives and forcing me to be positive at least once every single day, even on the really hard days.
Motivation. Motivation is a fickle thing, motivation doesn’t keep you going – habits do – but motivation sure does help give you that little push when you need it.
My motivation is always changing, at the beginning it was all my son and although he is still a huge motivation it has shifted more inwards. I now want this for myself, I want to feel amazing and look amazing.
My current motivation is my friends hens, I want to hit the town feeling absolutely incredible about myself and my body because I deserve it – and ladies you deserve it too.
So find that thing that motivates you and when you are struggling think about it, bring the motivation back to the forefront and let it give you the nudge you need.
Hayley xx

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I’m 28yrs old and 178cms tall.
I was 112.8kgs and now around 76-77kgs.
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