Motivating Mum Hayley Lloyd loses 22.8kgs with Lose Baby Weight and shares her top 6 tips for staying on track over the holidays.

December is coming to end but I will be continuing on as a Motivating Mum in January, I hope that I have helped some of you end 2014 with a bang and I hope that I can also help some of you begin 2015 with an even bigger bang, starting with the January 28 Day Challenge!! This month has passed by in a whirlwind and I hope you all have had a lovely and successful month, a great Christmas and are looking forward to continuing on or beginning fresh in the New Year.
Since my last blog I have lost a further 1.3kg and 5cm off my body, bringing my total to 22.8kg and 152.5cm in just under 6 months. My goal is to reach 95kg by the New Year and I am currently sitting at 96.3kg, I am so close! But even if I do not reach my goal I will still be extremely proud of myself as I haven’t fallen off the wagon during the festive season, a season where I use to go crazy eating chocolate, rum balls and the way to much food on Christmas day.
This Christmas we are spending it all at home, with the in-laws coming around for lunch on the weekend after. I am so excited to be spending it at home because it means I can cook us a healthy menu from the Christmas Cookbook and control the food that is available. In the past in the lead up to Christmas all I can ever remember doing is baking rum balls, it was my mums and mine tradition.
Although I do love that tradition, I haven’t done it this year. Seeing as this is my first Christmas with a baby I am starting new traditions. Our Christmas’ from now on will be filled with healthy and nutritious alternatives to our beloved favourites. That’s the best thing about Lose Baby Weight ladies, you don’t have to miss out – you can still have your cake and it too.
Since my last blog I was fortunate enough to travel over to New Zealand for a week to visit family. New Zealand is lovely and I had a great time but it was challenging – both food wise and exercise wise and although I did indulge a little bit I did manage to stay on track. So today for my blog I thought I would give you all my 6 top tips for staying on track while on holidays.

Have a healthy breakfast every morning:

  1. Make sure you start your day off right. If you are away somewhere that you can take the Healthy Mummy Smoothie mix then do and start off with a nutritious smoothie. If like me, you can’t take the smoothie or won’t have a blender where you are staying, buy something from the grocery store that is easy, quick and healthy that you can eat at the hotel before you head out for the day. We bought some natural muesli and milk. Not only does it ensure that you start the day off correctly but it will also save you money as you won’t be needing to go out and buy breakfast every morning.

Fit in some form of exercise every day:

  1. It doesn’t have to be much, a quick 20 minute walk or a quick 10 minute HIIT workout in your hotel room is enough. Try walking places instead of driving, do squats in the shower or get up 5 minutes earlier to fit in a small workout. It will help keep you energised and will make it easier to get back into the swing of things once you get home.

Be mindful when ordering food and take the Calorie Bible with you:

  1. The Calorie Bible has so many tips and has calories for all the general food you can find at a café and restaurant – keep it in your handbag. When ordering food if it comes with fries, ask to swap them for veggies or ask to have it without and if you really want a fry steal one from someone else’s plate. Order sauces and dressings on the side, these are full of hidden sugars, salt and calories so ordering them on the side you can control how much you have.

It is okay to indulge and enjoy yourself:

  1. After all you are on holiday and Lose Baby Weight isn’t a strict diet it is a lifestyle change. If you want a dessert, order one to share or have a taste of someone else’s. If you really want a muffin with your coffee order one but make sure you eat well the rest of the day. Moderation is the key.

Keep drinking water:

  1. The first few days I didn’t drink nearly enough water and I had a shocking headache, so for the rest of the trip I took a drink bottle everywhere that I went. Drinking water will also help flush out any “naughty” food you indulge in.

Eat regularly:

  1. This one caught me out a few times. The people I travelled with don’t eat 6 times a day like I do and because we were out and about there were a few times when I went way to long without food. Not only did I get grumpy but I was starving and in turn ate too much when I did eat. So learn from me ladies, eat regularly to avoid overeating!!

Have a happy and safe New Year and see you all in 2015!!
Hayley xx
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