Hayley Lloyd has lost an AMAZING 29.5kg with the Lose Baby Weight healthy eating plan and shares an update with us.
So it has been a while since my last blog and I would love to say that I have been smashing my goals the whole time but that wouldn’t be true, although I am back on the bandwagon well and truly now. I had a horrible a few months, I fell off the bandwagon more times than I can count.
Lose Baby Weight-29.5kg Loss
Thankfully Lose Baby Weight has taught me enough that my meals were all still healthy so I didn’t gain weight but thanks to my horrible binge snacking I kept bouncing between 91kg and 94kg.
I felt like I was doomed to be stuck in the 90s forever and it was really throwing my focus around. But I mean what could I expect, I wasn’t giving it my all, and I was treating my body like a rubbish dump.300_250_healthy_mummy_pregnancy_DVD
It was a vicious cycle, I would do well for a couple of days, something would get my mood down so I would turn to food and then I would jump on the scales see no change and eat my emotions and so it would start again.
Looking back I am glad that I went through this stage in my journey, it taught me a lot about my relationship with food.
I am proud to report that since the start of Winter I have been back on the healthy lifestyle bandwagon and I am loving it. I am back to feeling fantastic!
A big part to jumping back into it all was the 7 Day Junk Food Detox, it got me back on the straight and narrow and it helped detox my body of all the sugar I had previously been consuming.
I have also set myself a “Summer Bodies Are Made in Winter” challenge and am aiming to give every single day of winter my all.
I have been running a countdown to the end of winter in the Private Facebook Support group and the accountability and the support of all the beautiful ladies is really pushing me forward!!
Lose Baby Weight-29.5kg Loss
In regards to food and exercise, my main exercise at the moment is going for a walk every morning and I have also been following Kat’s Tone Your Butt and Thighs Challenge, it is a wicked work out!
I have jumped back onto calorie counting and have been hitting my calorie goal everyday with lots of nutritious food.
I do my own weekly meal plans using most recipes from the 28 Day Challenge.
I love how on Lose Baby Weight our weekly menu has changed from a heavy meat based menu to being vegetarian at least 3 nights a week and then on the nights we do eat meat it doesn’t dominate the meal like it used to.
I am loving how I am filling my body with such colourful and wholesome foods.
I am so super proud that since starting my Lose Baby Weight journey in July 2014 I have gone from 119.1kg and I am finally in the 80’s!!
Weighing in at the start of this week at 89.6kg. That is a loss of 29.5kg and I have also lost 134cm off my whole body, including 30.5cm off my stomach and 20cm off my boobs!
I am feeling so happy within myself, my body feels so clean and I have loads more energy. I love how I feel when I fuel my body with wholesome foods and when I exercise.
I will always love food but now I love food that loves me back!
Hayley xx

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Lose Baby Weight Results
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