After doing SIX 28 Day Challenges since July 2014, I think this 28 Day Challenge has been the absolute BEST !! And I have now lost 16kg.
The incredible meal plans, delicious recipes, Pilates routines and added Core workouts have been fantastic.
Lose Baby Weight- 16kg Loss
The Support Page has been going crazy with inspirational and motivational posts from our terrific Motivating Mums and all the amazing member posts. The huge amount of competitions and chances to win prizes. It has truly been an amazing month and I really look forward to June and coming full circle in July.
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As I mentioned in my last blog, my kids birthday parties were/are this month, my son turned 2 last week and I was thrilled to actual tears to see myself in photos at his party.
The photos taken last year are the ones that triggered me to change and led me to find Lose Baby Weight. I’m tearing up now as I write this – I was depressed, moody, angry, tired and it spilled out to me attacking the people closest to me all because deep down I hated myself and what I’d let myself become.
Now, I am 16kg lighter and my emotions are a complete 180. I am active, adventurous, spontaneous, happy, and fun, I’m the me I remember from my twenties (nearly) and my family are benefiting from that.
My mum in particular tells me often how very different I was and how she has her daughter back again. I can’t wait to see next year’s photos, another 15kg lighter again.
My new motto to go with my before&after photo’s on the fridge is: “It IS possible, I CAN achieve my goals, what I’m doing for myself is real and making a difference to me and everyone around me”.
Lose Baby Weight-16kg Loss
Another motto I really live by now is: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”
I was always one who wanted to try new things until weight got in my head and told me I couldn’t.
I’m living outside that zone more and more and it’s just the little things sometimes….
What did you try outside your comfort zone this month?

  • I tried Walnuts (I was never a fan)
  • I rediscovered the brilliant Lose Baby Weight DVD
  • Drinking 2.5L of water a day has become habit and I drink more without realizing
  • I recalculated and increased my calories and started checking them again (it keeps me accountable)
  • I’ve started having Healthy Mummy Smoothies as snacks as well as breakfasts (although I’m not confident in creating my own recipes)
  • I created an Eggless Salmon Cake recipe, an Iced Apple Braid Loaf recipe and a Spiced Pumpkin Loaf recipe this month.
  • I tried nearly every recipe on the challenge meal plan (I never enjoyed cooking but I couldn’t help myself they all looked great)

And I created a stair workout. Never in my wildest dreams would I think I could do that but I did and I’d love you to try it too. (Look out for my video explanation on the Support Page)
Want to see what the January Belly Buster 28 Day Challenge is all about? Try a day for FREE – download here
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My Five minute – Two Step (Stairs) Workout

1 minute each exercise (rest between or carryon)

  • Standing Toe taps (10 low, 10 high)
  • Pushup with tuck jump to bottom step
  • Squat jumps up and down
  • Lunges (30sec each leg) resting back leg on 2nd step
  • Tricep Dips

Second 5 minute routine to Add-on or rotate

  • Mountain Climbers
  • Rotating Twists (pushup stance, rotating knee to opposite elbow)
  • Squat with leg lifts (30sec each leg) on low step
  • Calf raises
  • Tricep Dips

Although this is the end of my Motivating Mum duties and I have LOVED being part of the team this month.
I will still be posting on the support page regularly to help us all along our journeys and will continue my WEDNESDAY WALK DAY for anyone who would like to post along with me.
Congratulations on following your dreams for another month
Hannah xx

Want to see what the January Belly Buster 28 Day Challenge is all about? Try a day for FREE – download here
january samplerOr you can join the challenge directly here

Results from mums on the 28 Day Challenge

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Erin Loses a MASSIVE 44.7kgs on our 28 Day Challenges
ATT_1432553421277_Photo-Collage-Maker_xoa48h (1)
Erin says: “I love the 28 day challenge! It takes all the guess work of “what do i have for dinner” and fumbling around the fridge looking for ingredients before deciding on something “easy” (and usually not healthy!) The best thing is, after doing my weekly shop once the shopping list comes out I have everything I need to make something HEALTHY AND EASY!”
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