Hi, my name is Hannah and I’m so excited to be back as a Motivating Mum for May and I have lost 15kgs with Lose Baby Weight.
I am lucky enough to be a stay-at-home mum to 2 little darlings just about to turn 2 and 5 and as well as a restaurant owner with my dear hard working husband.
Lose Baby Weight- 15kg Loss
My turning point was 12 months ago, I saw a photo of myself at my children’s birthday party and it triggered me to look at who I had become; an overweight, miserable, moody mum. I couldn’t be her any longer for the sake of my family.
I have been using and following 28 Day Weightloss Challenges and Smoothies for 10 months and have lost 15kgs and 60cm across my body to date.
This will be my 6th 28 day challenge,  I ADORE these months and was thrilled when they announced last month that they are now on EVERY MONTH !!
The meals and recipes are sensational and super easy to customise (although there are thousands so make a list), the exercises are easy to fit into my day and the support page is the best page on the internet, truly.
It’s like a magic mirror of honesty, encouragement, ideas, motivation and kindness. Friends are made from this page and lives are changed from this lifestyle.
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
I am happy to say I’m currently sitting on my pre-mummy weight (still technically overweight), and as this was my first major goal to reach I thought I would compare some old photo’s.
Looking back, I am a totally different shape now with muscles and toning in different areas to what I did 6 years ago. As much as I was aiming for the number I’m more pleased with the state of my mind, health and fitness, which shows how unimportant a number can be.
Daily ‘To Do’s’ and routine are key for me and mixing it up is really important to keep my interest and work out different areas all the time. It’s good to push yourself out of those comfort zones often too!.
Lose Baby Weight have a variety of 28 day Toneup challenges and mini workouts created by other mums (my favorites: Tasheena’s Plank Workout and Kat/Rae’s Trampoline workout).
The Lose Baby Weight DVD is great for those inside days too and can be split into 15min targeted sessions. Certain days of the week I choose to do something on repeat, ie; Wednesday Walk Day and Smoothie Sunday and don’t forget a Rest Day is important too for muscle recovery.
It’s my birthday in late June and I plan to do as much as I can to help my body reach its final number goal in the normal BMI range so I’m increasing my cardio, returning to a daily Smoothie for lunch and watching my calorie intake.
I’m really looking forward to helping Motivating you all through the May Challenge as it motivates me to do so !
Let’s do it !
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
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