We love finding new tasty and healthy eating smoothie recipes that you can use as part of the Lose Baby Weight plans.
lose_baby_weight_smoothiesAnd we just love all the recipes that mums are sending in as part of our smoothie of the week competition where you can win $100 Myer voucher and we thought we would share one of the entries this week from Lauren Hickey which looks and sounds delicious! Thanks Lauren!
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Lauren’s Ginger Surprise Smoothie

Here’s another smoothie recipe for the competition. I’ve had a cold for the third or fourth time this winter and have really loved the immunity boosting smoothies with all the citrus fruits in them and of course ginger which I use to say I didn’t like.
Now I find ginger very refreshing! Still loving your smoothies, plans and exercises. My mum has also started having the Lose Baby Weight smoothies and is loving them. So far I’ve lost a steady 5 kg, but more importantly i’m feeling healthier and more energetic.
Thanks again Lose Baby Weight!
Smoothie recipe

  • Diced fresh ginger – how ever much you like, I usually use about 1tbsp
  • 3/4 cup frozen mixed berries
  • Handful Fresh baby spinach
  • 250ml low fat rice milk or soy milk – or whatever milk you use
  • 2 tbsp chocolate healthy mummy smoothie mix

Blend it all together with the hand mix or blender and enjoy 🙂

Lauren Hickey 🙂

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